Rabu , 14 June 2017, 00:46 WIB

BNN finds luxurious room in Cipinang prison

Rep: Sri Handayani/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Republika/Edwin Dwi Putranto
Cipinang Correction Institution
Cipinang Correction Institution

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – National Narcotics Agency (BNN) planned to examine the Head of Cipinang Correctional Institution, Jakarta, related the finding of luxurious detention room for the convicted narcotics case, Haryanto Chandra.

"Later he would be summoned and asked for information,” said Deputy of Eradication Department of BNN Arman Depari in Jakarta, on Tuesday (June 13).

In a raid on May 31, the investigators team of money laundering case of BNN found a luxurious room in Cipinang Correctional Institution. There were air conditioner (AC), CCTV to monitor people comes, Wifi network, aquarium for arowana fish, and special menu.

“There were also some prisoners found while enjoying drugs in the jail,” said Arman.

He reminded that almost all prisoners had drugs when Freddy Budiman produced drugs from Cipinang Correctional Institution. "The findings had been reported to the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights. How was the follow up must be monitored,” said Arman.