Senin , 17 July 2017, 23:02 WIB

Ministry speeds up development of internet networks in 57 districts

Rep: REINY DWINANDA/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Children n Papua enjoying internet access. (Illustration)
Children n Papua enjoying internet access. (Illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KUTA -- The Ministry of Communication and Informatics is speeding up the development in 57 districts and cities in Indonesia to have access to internet networks before 2019, so that the areas can enjoy wide range of high-speed frequency.

"This project is very strategic as it can help Indonesia be parallel with other countries by successfully creating internet backbones in all districts and cities," Director General of the ministry's Post Device Resources and Informatics Ismail said on the sidelines of the 2nd meeting of Asia Pacific Telecommunity here on Monday.

Thus, Indonesia could be called a broadband country, while the telecommunication development will give people the opportunities to get access to the internet quickly.

According to Ismail, the constructions of wider internet networks in 57 districts and cities were being implemented under the Palapa Ring project by building a national optical fiber.

It has been targeted that by 2019, all districts and cities in Indonesia would have connections to send and receive data through the internet broadband.

He explained that most of the 57 districts and cities are located in the eastern region of Indonesia, including Papua and Maluku.

The government would build the internet networks in three regions namely western, central, and eastern Indonesia.

"Development in the western region of Indonesia has reached more than 60 percent, while the development in central and eastern Indonesia is still ongoing and will be accelerated as operators and partners already exist in those three regions," he added.

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