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STANIA Officially Builds Tin Downstream Factory in Indonesia to Support Government

The presence of STANIA to support the government in the tin mineral downstream.

PT Arsari Tambang activity (Illustration)
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PT Arsari Tambang activity (Illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- PT Solder Tin Andalan Indonesia (STANIA), an affiliated company of Arsari Tambang engaged in the Non-Iron Base Metal Manufacturing Industry and Wholesale Trade, was officially built in Batam, Riau Islands marked by groundbreaking or laying the first stone, Friday (10/5/2024).

The President Commissioner of PT Arsari Tambang, Hashim Djojohadikusumo said that the presence of PT Solder Tin Andalan Indonesia is a form of commitment to support the government in the tin mineral downstream program with the aim of increasing commodity added value, strengthening domestic industrial infrastructure, and increasing business opportunities in Indonesia with the availability of new jobs.

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"I think as the media knows that the downstream program started quite a long time ago and is indeed a core program of the government of President Jokowi and Vice President Maruf Amin," he said at the location.

Hashim explained that PT Solder Tin Andalan Indonesia will produce tin-based solder that has various forms ranging from solder wire to solder paste. With a low carbon emission production system that utilizes tin ingot raw materials, which are also produced using Arsari Tambang's low carbon system, PT Solder Tin Andalan Indonesia will become one of the world's leading and best providers of soldering products that support industrialization in Indonesia.

"It is used for electronic devices, for example, for electric cars, cell phones, television sets, so it is better for radios. All electronic things need tin solder," Hashim explained.

On the same occasion, Commissioner of PT Solder Tin Andalan Indonesia Aryo Djojohadikusumo explained that the company is targeted to bring turnover up to Rp1.2 trillion per year and the initial investment value of the factory construction reached Rp 100 billion.

"The market that we may be able to get may be up to 16 thousand tons of solder per year with a turnover of Rp1.2 trillion. This is our target when this company has started operating in Batam City," he said.

He has explained currently, a lot of tin from Indonesia is exported to countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, India, America, Europe and China.

In addition to producing solder efficiently by using production processes, systems, and raw materials that are low in carbon emissions, PT STANIA also applies the international standard ISO 9001 quality control, the international standard ISO 14001 structured approach to environmental protection, the international standard ISO 50001 related to energy, and the international standard ISO 45001 with occupational health and safety management system in the management of occupational safety in each of its operational activities on an ongoing basis, as well as building the capacity of qualified personnel so that each employee has competence in their field and provides added value to the legal holder.

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