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Ready to Play Against Australia, Erick Thohir: We are All with the Team

Garuda Muda's struggle against Australia is motivating for the senior team.

Rep: Muhammad Nursyamsi/ Red: Budi Raharjo
Chairman of PSSI, Erick Thohir
Foto: republika
Chairman of PSSI, Erick Thohir

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Statement by PSSI General Chairman Erick Thohir that motivated the Merah Putih team to beat Australia again in various events received support from many parties. The statement made by Erick after the Australian U16 team won the ASEAN Boys 16 Championships 2024 on Wednesday (2/7/2024) at Manahan Stadium, Solo, Jateng.

Garuda Muda achieved third place in the championship that is often called, AFF U16. Erick, who appreciated the performance of Putu Panji et al during the AFF U16, asked the players to immediately forget the failure to defend the title and also the defeat to Australia in the semi-finals.

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According to him, the achievements and struggles of the Garuda Muda team are motivating, not only for the players, but also for the Senior team to enter into a new rivalry with the team nicknamed the Socceroos.

“Since we beat Australia in the Qatar U-23 Asian Cup last year, they have targeted us as a new enemy. That's why when their young team won in the AFF yesterday, the celebration was a bit excessive,” said Erick Thohir in Solo, last week.

“But remember, I ask the players, no one should bow their heads. No one cried. Later we meet Australia, we brush. Together with the supporters, we will support the team all-out. Why should we be a great nation afraid of them?” Erick wants the young Garuda to rise up against Australia later in October.

Especially with the number of players of 10 before, Indonesia can fight back. “Then, I would say to our senior team who are going to meet Australia in the World Cup qualifiers to also fight and be able to beat them again,” Erick said.

According to football watcher Tommy Welly, Erick Thohir's statement that continues to motivate Zahaby Gholy et al not to bow their heads and no one to cry is the right thing. “Losing in football is normal. But I saw that Erick Thohir took advantage of the momentum of the defeat to give a powerful injection of motivation that could raise the mental level, competition, and skill of the players,” Towel continued, greeting his relatives.

The same thing was also conveyed by Richard Achmad, PNSSI, who stated that the support between Garuda Muda and Senior teams has been evenly distributed so that each team plays the support of the team lovers never decreases.

“This means that especially to face Australia, which is now Indonesia's new rival, the fans will have maximum support. That is, now Australia's opponent can be considered like we met Malaysia. So the team must be confident, because the opponent is with the supporters,” he said.

Cipto Kusumo from Ultras Garuda also said that Erick Thohir's war drum contribution to Australia had a great effect, as well as urging fans to always be behind the team.

“If Mr. Erick asks to avenge the defeat against Australia, then the fans want all levels of the national team to try desperately. We are also supporters ready to support us all the way if we host Australia anywhere,” he explained.

In the near future, Australia will oppose Indonesia's subscription. First, in the 2025 AFC U17 Asian Cup qualifiers on 23 to 27 October 2024.

Garuda Muda entered Group C with Australia again, then Kuwait and the Northern Mariana Islands to qualify for the final round of the U17 Asian Cup in Saudi Arabia. Then in the third round of 2026 World Cup qualification, Asia Zone Group C. The senior team, a group with Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and China, will host the Socceroos on September 10.

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