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The Quran Says Two Characteristics of Hypocrites

Allah SWT alludes to hypocrites in His Word.

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Kid reading Quran.
Kid reading Quran.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- In the time of the Prophet Muhammad, the existence of hypocrites was like a thorn in the flesh. These two-faced people make it difficult for the dawah of Islam. However, they were reluctant to openly and directly antagonize the Muslims.

Allah SWT alludes to hypocrites in His Word. Some verses of the Quran describe the existence of two types of hypocrites.

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According to Ahmad Fuad Effendy in the book Sudahkah Kita Mengenal Alquran? (2013), the first type alluded to in surah al-Baqarah verses 17-18. The translation of both verses, “Their parables are like those who light a fire, after illuminating all around them, God obliterates their light (which shines) and leaves them in darkness, unable to see. They are deaf, dumb and blind, so they cannot return.”

In his words, hypocrites are described at first as willing to respond to the call of Islam. Therefore, they are called “like people who light a fire.” However, the response was so weak, and then doubts followed. That hesitant attitude continues into reluctance, and ultimately rejection.

“When many people take guidance from the light of Islam, they abandon it. So God immediately took away His light from them, and they returned to disbelief. God made them 'deaf, dumb and blind' so that they would not know the way of truth,”

Effendy said the second type is described in the Qur'an surah al-Hajj verse 11. It means: “And among men there are those who worship God only on the edge; then if he obtains virtue, he is satisfied, and if he is overridden by a trial, he turns backward. He is a loss in the world and in the afterlife. That's the real loss.”

This second type is people who embrace Islam, but are always in doubt. For what they seek is not the glory of God, but their own self-interest

“When Muslims are facing difficulties and challenges, they withdraw and are outside the ranks. But when victory comes, they dock back, as if they were instrumental in achieving victory,” said the author, who is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz International Center of Saudi Arabia.

“They are opportunists who follow the direction of the wind, have no establishment,” he added.

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