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BP Tapera Says Dues Withdrawal Not Necessarily Enacted by 2027

BP Tapera is focusing on building good business governance.

Officers serve people's housing savings participants (Tapera) at the Service Office of the Management Agency (BP) Tapera, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/6/2024).
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Officers serve people's housing savings participants (Tapera) at the Service Office of the Management Agency (BP) Tapera, Jakarta, Tuesday (4/6/2024).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Commissioner of the Public Housing Savings Management Agency (BP Tapera) Heru Pudyo Nugroho said that the withdrawal of contributions of 3 percent for private workers and other segments of workers will not necessarily be enforced by 2027. BP Tapera claimed it wanted to first build community trust.

“Then related to whether in 2027, yes we cannot be sure, there are achievements that we must first aim for before we get the trust to start the withdrawal,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (10/6/2024).

According to him, later the realization of the withdrawal of Tapera dues every 10 days will be carried out in a gradual scheme. This is because there are still limited resources in the managing institution, both in terms of human resources (HR), and technology.

He said that currently his party is focusing on building good business governance, as well as obtaining approval from relevant ministries/agencies. This is so that at the time of the realization of the withdrawal, the public can trust BP Tapera as a management instrument.


Furthermore, according to him, the strategic plan (renstra) is also being discussed by his party, applying the precautionary principle, so that the finalization of the plan could provide comprehensive benefits to all segments of the participation.

“So waiting for the readiness of BP Tapera, then the committee will be able to understand, the Ombudsman understands, the multistakeholder understands, the infrastructure is well built, the business model is clear by putting forward the expediency of all segments of the participants. Just starting to figure out the basis of the imposition of 3 percent is what it achieves in stages,” he said.

Earlier, Member of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) Yeka Hendra Fatika stated that the 3 percent contribution fund that is levied every 10 days from the community for participation in the People's Housing Savings Program (Tapera) will not disappear.

According to him, BP Tapera has a very strict classification of fund placements, keeping the contributions in a number of low-risk investment instruments such as deposits, as well as sovereign debt securities.

According to him, BP Tapera will not take on high-risk investment schemes such as placing funds in shares.


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