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KPK Gathers Evidence Alleged Harun Masiku Was Intentionally Concealed

KPK confirms that it can ensnare those who are proven to be hiding Harun Masiku.

Rep: Rizky Suryarandika/ Red: Budi Raharjo
Head of KPK News Department Ali Fikri.
Foto: antara
Head of KPK News Department Ali Fikri.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has sniffed at the cover-up of fugitive Harun Masiku. That was judged to have caused Harun Masiku not to have been caught by the KPK.

The KPK spokesman said the evidence on the matter is being studied by the investigating team. “Yes, this has to be a misfortune, to prove a misfortune that there is a strong clue first,” Ali told reporters on Friday (7/6/2024).

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Ali stressed that the KPK can crack down on people who are proven to have deliberately hidden Harun with an investigation clause. But Ali admitted investigators had to have the evidence first.

“That strong lead, for example, really then there is a trial process to protect the security and so on, will have to be proven later when the truth of the arrested person is later confirmed,” Ali said.


The KPK pointed out that there is a figure who knows the whereabouts of fugitive Harun Masiku. However, the person kept the information secret. However, Ali did not reveal the figure he meant.

“It is alleged there was a certain party who actually knew (Aaron's location) but then did not pass on the information in question,” Ali said some time ago.

It is known that KPK investigators have confirmed the existence of Harun Masiku to a number of witnesses such as Advocate Simeon Petrus, to Students on behalf of Hugo Ganda and Melita De Grave. The KPK insists it has never stopped looking for DPOs. The KPK also scheduled an inspection of PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto next week.

Harun Masiku is known to be a former PDIP candidate who was entangled in an alleged bribery case in PAW members of the House of Representatives for 2019-2024. Harun allegedly bribed the Commissioner of the Commission at the time, Wahyu Setiawan in order to be appointed as a member of Parliament. But, since OTT against Wahyu and a number of other parties on January 8, 2020 until now, Harun Masiku is still on the run.  


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