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Preparation of Pancasila Ceremony Continues to Be Monitored

Related agencies are checking the preparation of Harlah Pancasila.

Prep Pancasila ceremony in Rokan, Riau.
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Prep Pancasila ceremony in Rokan, Riau.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Deputy Head of BPIP Rima Agristina monitored the readiness of the ceremonial field and ceremonial equipment before the birthday (Harlah) Pancasila memorial ceremony June 1, 2024, Wednesday (29/5/2024) at Garuda Pertamina Square Hulu Rokan, Dumai.

The readiness review was carried out in the midst of the implementation of the dirty work in preparation for the Harlah Pancasila Memorial Ceremony on June 1, 2024. The Deputy Head of BPIP reviewed the readiness of the ceremony field as well as any fixtures to be erected around it.

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In the readiness review, he also instructed that the tent and stage that will be used at the June 1, 2024 Harlah Pancasila street ceremony be built immediately. Given the preparation time for Harlah Pancasila June 1, 2024, there are two days left.

“The tent, as well as all the equipment that will be used, the stage for the ceremony inspector, will be built immediately and its strength will be ensured to support the ceremony inspector during the June 1 ceremony,” he said.


In addition to the readiness of the field and its equipment, the title of the troops, Paskibraka and the participants of the ceremony also did not go unnoticed by the Director of Paskibraka at the Central Level.

It is also seen that coordination between ministries/agencies and local governments continues to be carried out in order to prepare for the commemoration ceremony of Harlah Pancasila on June 1, 2024. Present in coordination on the field ceremony, Pangdam I/Bukit Barisan as well as Jajaran, Regional Secretary of Riau Province, Head of Kesbangpol Kota Dumai, Representative of Pertamina Hulu Rokan, and Representative of Riau Police.

After reviewing the field readiness of the ceremony and dirty work, the Deputy Head of BPIP was visited by Plt. Paskibraka Program Organizing Director, DPPI Management Team and Health Team conducted a review of DCC Pertamina Hulu Rokan Hall which will be used as an alternative venue for Harlah Pancasila memorial ceremony on June 1, 2024 if the weather in Dumai is rainy at the time of the ceremony.

He also reviewed the Executive Messhall DCC which will be used as a venue for a press conference with the media on Thursday (30/5/2024). While reviewing the Executive Messhall DCC, the Deputy Head of BPIP had a dialogue with Pertamina Hulu Rokan employees who happened to be working there.

The dialogue was conducted around the educational background and work of the employees, also discussed the distance from the residence to Pertamina Hulu Rokan Dumai. The dialogue proceeds jokingly with laughter and familiarity.

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