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Indonesia Ulama Assembly Experience in Halal Certification

MUI played a role in certifying halal products for 34 years.

Rep: Rahmat Fajar/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
MUI halal logo at Global Halal Center Building, Bogor City, West Java.
Foto: Republika/Putra M. Akbar
MUI halal logo at Global Halal Center Building, Bogor City, West Java.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta--Deputy Secretary General of the Indonesian Ulema Assembly, KH Ahmad Fahrur Rozi or Gus Fahrur said MUI has long experience in certifying halal products. According to him, it has been 34 years since MUI took on this role.

Gus Fahrur said that as a country with a majority of its population is Islamic, the state must ensure the need for halal products. Therefore, MUI has an important role in providing such guarantees.

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“The main purpose of MUI taking this role is to protect Muslims (himayatu al-ummah) from consuming products that are illegal or unknown (syubhat),” Gus Fahrur told the Russian-Islamic World: Kazan Forum 2024 in a written statement received by Republika on Friday (17/5/2024).

Furthermore, Gus Fahrur says consuming halal products is part of faith. Religion has required every Muslim to consume halal products.


The advanced development of science and technology in the field of food, medicine and cosmetics makes the manufacture of a product no longer using raw materials as they are from nature. Tap makes it possible to perform engineering in such a way.

Thus, says Gus Fahrur, it is difficult for anyone to know the smoothness of such products without an auditing process and searching for materials and production processes. Therefore, according to the chairman of PBNU, food products sold freely on the market are required to include raw material information on the packaging.

“This listing is intended so that consumers can know exactly what ingredients are contained in the products they are going to consume,” he said.

Gus Fahrur insists that for Muslims, this information is important to know if the product has complied with halal rules. So when the product is consumed, it is believed that its purity is considered.

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