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CIMB Niaga Syariah Bank Develops Hajj and Umrah Ecosystem

CIMB Sharia Trading is committed to continuing to strengthen the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem in Indonesia

Rep: Dian Fath Risalah/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Director of Sharia Banking CIMB Niaga Pandji P. Djajanegara.
Foto: Darmawan / Republika
Director of Sharia Banking CIMB Niaga Pandji P. Djajanegara.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Sharia Business Unit (UUS) of PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk (CIMB Niaga Syariah) continues to strengthen synergies with stakeholders, including the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Ministry of Religious Affairs), the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH), as well as associations and organizers of Hajj and Umrah travel. This is done to improve services for customers and the community, making it easier to plan, prepare, and carry out Hajj and Umrah worship.

Director of Sharia Banking CIMB Niaga Pandji P. Djajanegara stated that, as a Bank Receiving Deposit Fees for Holding Hajj Services (BPIH), CIMB Niaga Syariah is committed to continuing to strengthen the Hajj and Umrah ecosystem in Indonesia, by actively innovating to provide comprehensive and relevant financial service solutions to the needs of stakeholders and communities in preparing for worship to the Holy Land.

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“Welcoming the Hajj season this year, we are excited to reintroduce various program innovations to our flagship products. From financing products, financing, to treasury. For the organizers of Hajj and Umrah travel, we provide various services, including forex transactions and provision of SAR banknotes with competitive rates, affordable remittance rates using Riyad Bank as correspondent bank, working capital financing and guarantee bank with easy process and competitive rate, as well as checking accounts with ease of transaction and attractive programs,” Pandji said at the Haji & Umrah travel program gathering in Jakarta, Monday (13/13 5/2024).

For prospective worshippers, CIMB Niaga Syariah provides savings products and iB Pahala debit cards. This savings product besides being connected to the Integrated Hajj Computerized System (Siskohat) also provides many other advantages. Among them are free of administrative fees, free cash withdrawal fees at ATMs of other domestic and foreign banks, including in Saudi Arabia (especially in ATM networks with Mastercard logo with a minimum balance before withdrawal of Rp1 million). Not only that, customers also get Indonesian language facilities on the ATM menu of Bank Al-Rajhi when they are in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, to help customers plan Hajj or Umrah worship, CIMB Niaga Sharia also has financing products namely Special Hajj Program X-TRA and Umrah X-TRA. The X-TRA Fund iB financing program is specifically for the purpose of Special Hajj or Umrah worship using the Multiservice Ijarah agreement. With this program, customers can travel directly to the Holy Land with various options of Special Umrah/Hajj Packages provided by travel partners of CIMB Niaga.

“Through these innovations, we hope to provide benefits, support the financial development of Sharia, and improve the customer experience of prospective Hajj and Umrah pilgrims in Indonesia. Thank you for the trust of our customers and all stakeholders to CIMB Niaga Syariah. We will continue to innovate to provide the best service to customers,” Pandji said.

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