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Muzani Asks Gerindra Supporters to Win Mirzani as Governor of Lampung

Prabowo has appointed Rahmat Mirzani Djausal to advance in elections.

General Secretary of Gerindra Party Ahmad Muzani.
Foto: Republiika/Febryan A
General Secretary of Gerindra Party Ahmad Muzani.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDARLAMPUNG -- General Secretary (Secretary General) of Gerindra Party, Ahmad Muzani, requested that all cadres of his party win Rahmat Mirzani Djausal as governor of Lampung Province in 2024 elections. Muzani said that Prabowo had set Mirzani ahead with the elections.

“Mr. Prabowo Subianto has determined that Gerindra Lampung Party DPD Chairman Rahmat Mirzani Djausal as the candidate for Governor of Lampung in the 2024 elections,” Ahmad Muzani said on Saturday (12/5/2024).

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He also hopes that the appointment of Rahmat Mirzani Djausal as a candidate for governor will have the support of villages or districts and cities in Lampung Province.

“God willing this is Lampung's beginning to a better prosperity. Therefore, we respectfully ask all branches of the party and legislative candidates (candidates) who are fighting for seats in this province from all levels including the candidates of DPR RI let's fight back to win Rahmat Mirzani Djausal's brother as Governor of Lampung,” he said.

He said that the Gerindra Party in the face of the upcoming November simultaneous elections, will elect the cadres and figures of the party to be trusted persons. Also that can feed to its society and can create a sense of security for its citizens.

“And in Lampung Mr. Prabowo concluded that the person who is considered worthy to be governor of Lampung 2024 in the upcoming elections is Rahmat Mirzani Djausal,” he said.

According to him, Prabowo chose Rahmad Mirzani Djausal as the candidate for Governor of Lampung because he heard input from various elements of the public. Including community organizations (ormas) as well as religious leaders in the province.

“Hopefully Rahmat Mirzani Djausal is a choice that meets the expectations, the optimistic sense of the people of Lampung better. Mr. Prabawo is very confident that the loyalty of the people of Lampung will be proven again next November,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gerindra Lampung Party DPD Chairman Rahmad Mirzani Djausal hopes that the 2024 simultaneous elections in Lampung can produce a leader who can provide great benefits in Prabowo's leadership as RI President. “So now the task ahead is to oversee Mr. Prabowo's presidency. So the whole cadre should not let people's hopes down to Mr. Prabowo, let's not only watch but also take responsibility for the success of his programs,” he said.

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