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PDIP Open Opportunities for Anies to Register as Jakarta Governoor Candidate: Do Register

The final decision of DKI will remain to be determined by DPP PDIP.

Rep: Bayu Adji P / Red: Erdy Nasrul
Anies Baswedan.
Foto: Republika/Eva Rianti
Anies Baswedan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- DPD Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (PDIP) DKI Jakarta is still open the opportunity to field gubernatorial candidates (cagub) from outside the party. The opportunity was called open to all parties, including Anies Baswedan.

Head of the Regional Education and Exercise Agency (Badiklatda) of PDIP DKI Jakarta Gilbert Simanjuntak said that his party remains open to opportunities to carry cagub from outside the party's internal affairs. However, the iru decision remains the judgment of the PDIP DPP and the track record of the nominee.

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“If indeed Bung Anies intends to advance through PDIP, now is the time to register at DPD. The system is open, please register,” he said when asked about the chances of PDIP supporting Anies Baswedan on Wednesday (8/5/2024).

As is known, DPD PDIP DKI Jakarta has started networking candidates and candidates for deputy governor (cawagub) of Jakarta to run in the Jakarta election 2024. Everyone can register as a prospective cagub or cawagub to DPD PDIP DKI Jakarta.

The registration process was conducted on May 8-20, 2024. Prospective candidates who want to register can go to DPD Office PDIP DKI Jakarta or do it online.

According to Gilbert, the networking process was still an early stage in determining which cagub his party would carry. The final decision in determining which cagub will be carried remains with the DPP PDIP. “This is still an early stage, later to be decided by the DPP,” Gilbert said.

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