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Four Focuses of Sharia Economic and Financial Development

The Vice President assesses that the contribution of the sharia economic and financial sector has begun to increase

Rep: Febrian Fachri / Red: Erdy Nasrul
Inauguration of the KDEKS Sharia Economic and Financial Regional Committee by the Vice President of RI, West Hall of Gedung Sate 23 April 2024
Foto: Dokpim Jabar
Inauguration of the KDEKS Sharia Economic and Financial Regional Committee by the Vice President of RI, West Hall of Gedung Sate 23 April 2024

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Bandung---Vice President of RI, KH Ma'ruf Amin, assesses sharia economy and finance merup' is one of the sectors that support the resilience of the regional and national economies. He felt the sustainability of sharia economic development should continue to be safeguarded. According to him, in the development of sharia economy, it can be done by focusing on four aspects.

“First, optimize the development of the halal product industry sector, through strengthening the halal value chain ecosystem in the leading sectors of the region,” said Ma'ruf when witnessing the Inauguration of the Sharia Economic and Financial Regional Committee (KDEKS) of West Java Province (Jabar), in Gedung Sate, Bandung, Tuesday (23/04/2024).

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The Vice President said that this optimization can be done through increased downstream product distribution, acceleration of halal certification, and development of the Muslim-friendly tourism sector.

The second aspect, according to Ma'ruf, is to expand the inclusion and contribution of Sharia finance in regional development financing through the application of innovations in sharia financial services and digital technologies. The Vice President assessed that the contribution of the sharia economy and finance sector to development in Indonesia has begun to increase, including in Jabar, where from 2013 to 2023, there were 315 projects with a value of about IDR 17.8 trillion financed from the State Sharia Securities.

The Vice President also asked for the successful implementation of these projects in the future to continue to be supported. Further to the third, the Wapres said was to improve the welfare of the community through improved zakat governance and productive waqf. As well as optimizing the role of sharia microfinance institutions in the economic empowerment of society.

Through this social fund, the Vice President hopes that its use can be channeled to development in the field of human resources, namely to the reduction of extreme poverty rates and the prevalence of stunting. “Finally, develop sharia business and entrepreneurship through optimization of sharia business incubation programs,” the Vice President said.

With the development of this sharia entrepreneurship, in the future it is expected to continue to give birth to halal businesses to further strengthen the sharia ecosystem.

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