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Two Figures Prepared by PAN for the 2024 West Java Elections

Two figures prepared by PAN can be promoted to be candidate of governor or vice

Rep: Febryan A/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
PAN Vice Chairman General Yandri Susanto when interviewed by reporters at Office.
Foto: Republika/Febryan A
PAN Vice Chairman General Yandri Susanto when interviewed by reporters at Office.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The National Amanat Party (PAN) plans to field its own cadre to advance in the West Java 2024 gubernatorial election. The two cadres prepared were Desy Ratnasari and Bima Arya Sugiarto.

“For western Java, if internally we have Desy Ratnasari and Bima Arya. Those are the two that we are afraid of,” PAN Deputy General Chairman Yandri Susanto told reporters at the PAN DPP office, South Jakarta, Tuesday (23/4/2024).

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Yandri said that one of the two names could have been promoted as a candidate for governor or a candidate for vice governor. The PAN has not made a decision as it is still looking at who is the most potential figure to be promoted.

Desy Ratnasari is the Chairman of DPW PAN West Java as well as a member of DPR RI. Bima Arya Sugiarto is the Mayor of Bogor in the period 2019—2024.

On the same occasion, PAN General Chairman Zulkifli Hasan or Zulhas said that his party is indeed giving priority to its own cadres to run in the 2024 simultaneous elections, whose election day will take place in November 2024. Nevertheless, it remains open to the possibility of enlisting other party cadres.

“If there are no other cadres, then we will also open up the widest opportunities for external parties to jointly move forward,” Zulhas said.

PAN has also prepared a number of its cadres to enliven the candidate exchange for DKI Jakarta elections. The cadre prepared was Eko Patrio, Lula Kamal, and Zita Anjani.

Eko Patrio is a comedian who now serves as the Chairman of DPW PAN DKI Jakarta and a member of DPR RI of PAN faction. Lula Kamal is a doctor as well as an actress. Meanwhile, Zita Anjani is the son of Zulhas and is now serving as Deputy Speaker of DPRD DKI Jakarta.

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