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BRI Commitment to Empowering Women Through BRiNITA Program

BRiNita is a platform for women to channel their potential and creativity.

The BRinITA program is part of BRI's social and environmental responsibility.
Foto: BRI
The BRinITA program is part of BRI's social and environmental responsibility.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI is committed to empowering women through BRinITA (BRI Bertani di Kota), the program currently implemented in 21 locations, spread across various regions of Indonesia.

Coinciding with the Kartini Day commemoration on April 21, BRI Catur Vice President Director Budi Harto said that the company encourages women to be creative and strive.

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“The BRiNita program is a platform for women to be able to channel their potential and creativity that can provide economic value,” said Catur in a statement written in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/4/2024).

BrinITA presents several potential programs, utilized by group members including aquaponics development, processing of crops that can be processed into food, development of agrotourism that can collaborate with stakeholders, and development of product marketing networks.

“This is a positive programme, which has some training and empowerment programs and expected to promote the well-being of women,” Casur said.

The target of the BRiNita program is local environmental activists who are members of groups, either peasant women's groups or PKK groups, in densely populated areas or slums.

Catur said that BrinITA not only emphasizes physical well-being means alone but also provides ongoing training. This program also to maintain the sustainability of plants and the survival of the surrounding ecosystems.

In its implementation, BRI provides training for group members or beneficiaries in the form of urban farming management training with experts or related agencies. Until then, BRI also monitors urban farming activities and develops the results of urban farming so that it can add economic value such as sales, management, packaging and marketing.

“This activity is expected to reduce environmental pollution, increase cleanliness, and reduce household waste. On the other hand, it is also the embodiment of the positive contribution of society to the environmental balance,” said Catur.

Since its launch in 2022, the company notes, the BRinITA program has conducted 49 training times for beneficiaries consisting of training in hydroponic cultivation, ornamental plant care, eco enzyme creation, plant pest prevention and control, and the use of hydroponic system tools.

The program, which involved 615 people from women's business groups or PKK mothers, was recorded as having harvested 348 kilograms of fisheries such as catfish and tilapia mujaer. In addition, the BrinITA program also produced 3,982 kilograms of vegetative liquid organic fertilizer and compost, 80 kilograms of maggot (caterpillar) black soldier fly (BSF) cultivated by group members, as well as 112 types of family medicinal plants.

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