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Pastry Entrepreneur Successfully Increases Revenue, Thanks to BRI

Windayati is grateful for the capital and empowerment support from BRI.

Perkembangan usaha kue kering Retas Snacks And Cookies milik Windayati berkembang berkat KUR Mikro BRI.
Foto: dok BRI
Perkembangan usaha kue kering Retas Snacks And Cookies milik Windayati berkembang berkat KUR Mikro BRI.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SIDOARJO -- The moments of Ramadhan and Eid al-Fitr bring special blessings to cookie businesses like the one owned by Windayati. Approaching Eid, Sidoarjo East Java woman is busy serving many orders of dry cakes such as nastar and kastengel.

Realizing that orders are increasing, Windayati took advantage of this momentum to present innovations in the form of more attractive cookie displays. Windayanti makes flower-shaped nastar with jam on the outside. She also offers kastengel cake, butter chocolate chips and various snacks.

Baca Juga

Through the Retas Snacks And Cookies brand, Windayati's cookies business already has many customers. Just before Eid, orders came from various customers. One of the large orders that Windayati received was from the local government. This order caused Windayati's business turnover to increase drastically during the month of Ramadan.

"Usually every month, my turnover is only around IDR 2.5 million to IDR 3 million. However, during the month of Ramadan, my turnover can reach IDR 10 million per month," she said.

Windayati is not a newcomer in the pastry and cookies business. This 48-year-old woman has been starting her business since 2019 with an initial capital of IDR 1 million. Starting from a hobby of making cookies, Windayati then made up her mind to dare to run a cookie business.

"This business started from my hobby of making cookies. Usually, when I buy it, the taste is often not suitable for me. Finally, I produce it myself," she explained.

Since then, Windayati has given her homemade cookies to the Retas Snacks And Cookies brand. Slowly but surely, her business is growing and can provide jobs for other people. Windayati now employs three employees to run the pastry business.


Thanks to BRI Micro KUR

The development of Windayati's Retas Snacks And Cookies pastry business cannot be separated from access to financing. BRI's Micro KUR program is one of the incentives for Windayati to run a pastry business and fulfill her customers' orders.

Windayati is an active BRI customer who has received BRI Micro KUR. Not only receive capital assistance, but she was also supported by mentoring and training from BRI.

"I joined Rumah BUMN, where I received various training ranging from product improvement, packaging, marketing, to digital marketing strategies," Windayati said.

Windayati feels that BRI's support plays an important role in the progress of her pastry and cookie business. She hopes that BRI can continue to provide support to him so that he continues to develop his business. Because, as a micro-entrepreneur, Windayati faces challenges in the marketing aspect and competition with large entrepreneurs.

BRI is a bank in Indonesia that is the largest people's business credit (Kredit Usaha Rakyat/KUR) distributor and continues to increase. Throughout 2023, BRI has distributed KUR worth IDR 163.3 trillion to 3.5 million debtors. The majority of KUR distribution is for the production sector. In 2024, BRI will become the largest KUR distributor with an allocation of IDR 165 trillion.


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