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Purwakarta Government Deploy Hundreds of Janitors During Takbiran Night

Clean atmosphere is expected to provide comfort and fun to Lebaran.

Illustration. Cleaners Purwakarta.
Foto: Pemkab Purwakarta
Illustration. Cleaners Purwakarta.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PURWAKARTA -- The Government of Purwakarta Regency (Pemkab) Purwakarta, West Java deployed hundreds of janitors to anticipate the accumulation of garbage in urban areas during the night of Takbira until the Lebaran celebration.

Task Executive (Plt) Head of the Department of Environment (DLH) Purwakarta Agung Derwis Suriaatmadja said the volume of garbage is expected to increase sharply by the time it takes until Lebaran later. Therefore, he alerted the janitor.

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“At least 374 janitors will be demoted along with their support equipment,” Agung said on Monday (1/4/2024).

The janitors include 111 sweeper officers, 177 garbage hauling crew personnel, 68 garbage truck driver personnel, and 18 sewer janitors.

“They will all be on standby and work for 24 hours, from the night of thanksgiving until the Lebaran celebration later. All support equipment is in a state of readiness for use,” he said.

Head of the Department of Communication and Informatics (Diskominfo) of Purwakarta Rudi Hartono, said Acting Governor of Purwakarta Benni Irwan had previously requested that DLH ensure Purwakarta remains clean from the eve of the night until Lebaran.

Therefore, hundreds of cleaning personnel were deployed who will be on duty during the night of Takbiran until Lebaran. “So the clean atmosphere is expected to be able to provide comfort and cheerfulness to Lebaran,” he said.

He said learning from the experience of previous years, ahead of the Lebaran celebration in Purwakarta there is often an increase in the volume of garbage. Purwakarta Police will alert officers to anticipate that there is no accumulation of garbage, especially at certain points of protocol lines and shopping centers.

“They (janitors) we will disperse in some crowded places, especially in protocol lines that serve as concentration points of residents, such as Dulag Festival (Bedug Festival) sites, grand mosques, shopping malls, etc.,” Rudi said.

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