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Gerindra To Embrace PKS To Support Prabowo Government

Gerindra has no obstacles to establish communication with other parties

Rep: Febryan A/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Vice Chairman of the National Campaign Team (TKN), Prabowo-Gibran, Habiburokhman
Foto: Republika
Vice Chairman of the National Campaign Team (TKN), Prabowo-Gibran, Habiburokhman

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Gerindra Party Vice Chairman Habiburokhman said he also wants to embrace the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) to join the coalition of parties supporting the Prabowo-Gibran government later. So, Gerindra doesn't just want to embrace Nasdem Party and PPP.

“Yes (embraced) also dong the MCC. Lho PKS tried to check with MCC colleagues whether there is a problem with us, with Gerindra and Mr. Prabowo, it seems that there is no problem,” Habiburokhman told reporters in Jakarta, quoted Wednesday (3/27/2024).

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Habiburokhman, however, has not explained how efforts his party is already making to embrace the MCC which is the carrying party of Anies-Muhaimin. He simply reiterated that Gerindra has no obstacles to establish communication or cooperation with other parties.

“There is not a single party that we oppose the term. Oh, we're against this party, it doesn't exist. All political parties are our best friends,” said the Deputy Chairman of the Parliament's Commission III.

On that occasion, Habiburokhman also said that his party wanted to invite the PPP to join the party supporting Prabowo-Gibran. He said that the planned meeting between Prabowo and the PPP elite could not materialize because it could not match the schedule given that the PPP was fighting in the Constitutional Court to pass parliament.

With the desire of Gerindra or its general chairman, Prabowo to embrace Nasdem, PPP, and PKS, means that only PDIP and PKB are the parliamentary parties that he did not join. Habiburokhman said that opposition parties should not exist in the Indonesian political system because the DPR basically works to criticize the government's performance.

“Institutionally, Parliament is critical of the executive. That's why my kayaking people in Parliament can max out. Whoever our officials are critical of, if not true, we are critical,” he said.

Earlier, Gerindra Party Secretary General Ahmad Muzani said that the vice presidential candidate who won the 2024 presidential election, Prabowo-Gibran, will work to build a grand coalition to advance Indonesia together. Muzani said that communication with political parties that are not supporters of Prabowo-Gibran has so far had positive results.

“We will continue to build a grand coalition with various political parties that exist in Senayan and that communication is now underway,” Muzani said at Prabowo's house, Kertanegara Street, South Jakarta, Wednesday (20/3/2024).

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