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TNI Soldiers Planting Maize in Magetan

Kodim 0804/Magetan is targeted to plant on 200 hectares of land.

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(ILLUSTRATION) Maize crops.
Foto: dok istimewa
(ILLUSTRATION) Maize crops.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MAGETAN — The ranks of the Army Army (AD) participated in supporting the government's efforts to realize food security. In Magetan Regency, East Java, TNI ranks grow corn.

Commander Kodim (Dandim) 0804/Magetan Letkol Infantry Hasan Dasuki explained that, in order to support food security and sovereignty, each kodim is targeted to grow food crops on 200 hectares of land. “Of the 200 hectares, up to now Kodim Magetan, 120 hectares have been successfully cultivated,” he said.

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The details are 40 hectares in Kediren Village, 50 hectares in Lembeyan Kulon Village, and 30 hectares in Lembeyan Wetan Village, which is in the Lembeyan District. “Meanwhile, 80 hectares will be developed in Mategal Village, Parang District,” Hasan said, after planting corn with Kodam V/Brawijaya in Magetan, Sunday (3/3/2024).

Hasan hopes that corn growing in the Magetan region can be successful and support the food security of the region. In fact, he hopes its produce could be surplus, so that it can help meet the needs of other regions.

“May this program work well, so that later the nation of Indonesia will become a nation with a strong food barn, boost its economy, and become a developed nation,” Hasan said.

Acting (Pj) Regent Magetan Hergunadi appreciated the ranks of the AD military who participated in growing maize for food security. “Thanks to Kasad through Pangdam and Dandim for its program supporting national food security,” he said.

Hergunadi hopes that this maize planting in Magetan is successful. He said that later the army can coordinate with the Department of Agriculture of Magetan Regency for the development of the maize farm. Related to the harvest, he said, it could later be used also by the breeders of laying hens, who need corn for feed.

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