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Ridwan Kamil: OTW Jakarta Billboard Has No Political Elements

Ridwan Kamil admits that he has not decided on his political plans for the future

Rep: Febrian Fachri / Red: Erdy Nasrul
Former Governor of Jabar and Chairman of TKD Jabar Ridwan Kamil
Foto: Republika/M Fauzi Ridwan
Former Governor of Jabar and Chairman of TKD Jabar Ridwan Kamil

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, Jakarta---Golkar Party politician who is also former Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, denies billboard depicting himself writing 'Otw Jakarta' as a political advertisement. According to Ridwan, the billboard is an advertising marketing effort for a skin care innovation @r1formen. He is one of the brand ambassadors of this product.

“About those crowded billboards are not political communication billboards. But advertising marketing billboards,” said Ridwan Kamil, who is known as Emil, quoted from his instagram @ridwankamil, Thursday (29/2/2024).

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Emil explained the reason the billboard was created 'Otw Jakarta, because the launch happened in Jakarta. According to Emil, the writing will be different if the product is launched in another city. “If the launch is in Surabaya, there will certainly be OTW Surabaya billboards,” Emil said.

The former mayor of Bandung also mentioned the Instagram account of Nasdem politician Ahmad Sahroni, who a few days ago reacted to the Emil OTW Jakarta billboard. In which Sahroni considers Emil one of the challengers to advance in this 2024 Jakarta presidential election.

“So bang @ahmadsahroni88, it's not a billboard for Nyagub in Jakarta huh. Please let the brothers and sisters liven up this affair. I don't want to join yet,” Emil told Sahroni.

Emil feels that the frenzy of the 2024 presidential election is still not over. So, he has not been able to think about a plan to participate in the elections. He also said he had not yet decided on his political plans for the future. Whether or not to run again for Governor of West Java. If he wanted to advance the elections again, Emil's peripheries would still be in West Java.

“While the heart is still about to continue in Jabar. Or maybe somewhere/Jakarta if there are other considerations. Other options are also being considered, namely a break to take care of family and business and not to resume a political career, are also being considered,” Emil said.

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