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Parmusi Organization Ask Youth to Prepare the Future of Nation

GP Parmusi must be critical and visionary

Illustration of GP Parmusi activities.
Foto: Republika/Fuji EP
Illustration of GP Parmusi activities.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- MPR RI Chairman Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) invites the youth who belong to the Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood Youth Movement (GP Parmusi) to be critical and think visionary in the face of various challenges in the future.

In the Islamic world, according to Bambang, youth have an important and strategic role. In a statement received in Jakarta on Monday, he said Islamic Shi'ar history records young men are motor drivers who fight tenaciously bravely in the vanguard.

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“Islamic youth are required to be critical, visionary and far-sighted, and have strong creative power and imagination regarding the ideal conditions they aspire to,” Bambang said.

As part of the change agent, he said Islamic youth should lead and play a role in the social transformation towards an advanced civil society, while still making Indonesian existence and identity as a foundation.

Bambang explains the naturalness of the character of Islamic youth can also be found in the Qur'an.

For example, he added, the story of Ashabul Kahfi as written in Al Hujurat's letter tells of some young men with firmness and moral integrity who are not easily “pawned” by the pressure of the ruling authorities.

“In the context of Indonesia, as the age progresses, the role of Islamic youth in development is also becoming more significant. The youth of Islam are required to be able to place themselves in various roles in the life of society, nation and state,” he explained.

As a moral force, she hopes Islamic youth will be able to provide a semblance of morals, attitudes, and behaviors that have a positive impact on society and the surrounding environment.

Strengthening that commitment, he said, is all the more important as challenges mount in the face of the moral decadence of the nation's increasingly complex and dynamic young generation.

Therefore, Bambang Soesatyo appreciated the inauguration of the Grand Administrator of GP Parmusi Bakti Period 2024-2027 under the leadership of General Chairman Usamah Hisyam.

He also hopes the youth at GP Parmusi don't sell cheaply their faith or be lulled into the comforts of worldly life.

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