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Erick Thohir Prays Prabowo-Gibran to win the 2024 election

Erick reminds Indonesia needs a leader capable of maintaining stability.

Rep: Dadang Kurnia/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Minister Erick Thohir
Foto: Dok Republika
Minister Erick Thohir

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KEDIRI -- Erick Thohir filled a public lecture at Pondok Pesantren Lirboyo, Kediri, East Java, Tuesday (6/2/2024). Erick said that Indonesia's challenging situation requires sustainable leadership so that the development already achieved continues to move forward.

According to Erick, the conflict situation in many parts of the world makes Indonesia need a leader capable of maintaining stability and peace so that the ultimate goal of development can be realized. The younger generation could also be affected if the stability and peace of the country are disrupted.

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“Development needs stability. We can't move forward if we keep going. If Indonesia's conditions are not good, then young people will be affected,” Erick said.

Therefore, Erick said, Indonesia needs leaders who are aligned with the younger generation. Including the santri and santriwati that are part of Indonesia's demographic bonus.

“If President Jokowi has succeeded with the Pesantren Law and Santri Day, and will continue with a 10% increase in government scholarships for boarding schools, then I believe similar and greater attention will be given by the next leader, Prabowo-Gibran,” Erick said.

“Therefore, we together pray that the sustainability towards Indonesia Gold 2045 can be implemented by Prabowo-Gibran with the support of all of us. Agree,” added Erick, who was greeted by the loud applause of the attendees.

Erick's confidence in Prabowo and Gibran is based on the conviction and conscience that Indonesia will advance because it is in hands capable of safeguarding it. Because Prabowo has the same statesmanlike attitude as President Jokowi.

“For Mr. Prabowo, I am convinced of sustainability because his country's attitude is the same as that of Mr. Jokowi. Meanwhile, in the case of Gibran, it is similar when I believe in the young players in the senior team, namely Marcelino, Pratama Arhan, Asnawi, or Hubner, who should be given the opportunity because Gibran's family is the same as you, the centrists who are the younger generation,” Erick said.

The public lecture was also attended by Ponpes leaders. Among others KH. M. Anwar Manshur, Abdulloh Kafabihi Mahrus, H. Ahmad Hasan Syukri Zamzami Mahrus, and An'im Falahuddin Mahrus.

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