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Minister of Religious Affairs: People to be Involved in Religious Programs

Religious programs will unite people.

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Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, asks his staff to involve people in religious programs.
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Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, asks his staff to involve people in religious programs.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA —Minister of Religious Affairs Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, also known as Gus Men, called on his staff to involve the wider community in the implementation of religious development programs.

This message was delivered by Gus Men during the opening of the National Working Meeting (Rakernas) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs 2024 in Semarang, Monday (5/2/2024).

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“Implementation of the 2024 program so that it does not involve only work units. The Ministry needs to strengthen stakeholder engagement,” said Gus Men in a press release received by on Monday (5/2/2024).

According to Gus Men, it is important for all people to be involved so that the implementation of the program is more effective, useful, and on target. According to him, the development of the religious sphere is not only the task of the government, but also of society.

He also exemplified aspects of improving the quality of religious and religious education. Gus Men asked that the managers of private Religious Colleges (PTK) also be involved, not only the state.

According to him, private universities should also be invited to sit together in formulating strategic steps and programs to advance education.

“Consolidation of public and private institutions is very important to discuss together efforts to improve the quality of education,” said Gus Men.

Consolidation can also be done by the Ministry of Commerce with religious institutions in order to improve the quality of harmony.

He also appreciated the increase in the harmony index of religious people in the last three years, namely: 67.46 (2021), 72.39 (2022), and 76.02 (2023). There are three dimensions photographed, namely: tolerance (74.47), equality (77.61), and cooperation (76.00)

“Although it continues to rise, I believe that the improvement in the quality of harmony will be faster if efforts are made with stronger community involvement,” Gus Men said.

“The public can give input based on what they have experienced and will definitely feel the results. The more involved, the execution of work will also be lighter. This year, it is expected that the involvement of the people will begin to be widely demonstrated,” he explained.

Rakernas Kemenag this time carries the theme “Transformation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs towards a Golden Indonesia 2045". Rakernas followed 290 participants who attended offline in Semarang.

In addition, there are 10,024 work units (satkers) that follow the opening online. They are the Heads of the Kab/City Kankemenag, the Head of the Diklat Hall, the Head of the Technical Implementation Unit (UPT), the Head of the Madrasah, and the Head of the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA).

Gus Men confirmed that Rakernas 2024 performed differently. There are 15 clusters that have been set up and each has to sorogan, exposing the program plan to the Gus Men.

The 15 clusters consist of 11 clusters of Echelon I, cluster of Bureau of Personnel, cluster of Bureau of Ortala, cluster of Kanwil Kemenag Provincial Government, and cluster of leaders of Negeri Agaman Tinggi (PTKN).

“The sorogan pattern we apply to be more focused. I want everyone to be able to work to provide the best service to the religious community,” Gus Men said.

“We're going to discuss one by one what's going to be done in 2024. The results poured in an integrity pact. There is reward and punishment for accomplishing the program,” explains Gus Men.

He hopes that, through the in-person presentation of each Satker in Rakernas, this will make the formulation of the program better and more workable.

The Gus Men don't want Rakernas to just be a meeting forum and the result can't be a handle to run.

“I want us to be really serious in Rakernas this time. Because I want this legacy that we leave in the Ministry of Religion to be truly felt by the public. Both in terms of religious services and religious education,” he said.

By 2023, many achievements have been achieved. The Gus Men asked that it be maintained and improved. Digital transformation is also constantly being optimized.

“Achievements gained, do not make us stop hard work and smart work. Achievement is a better job trigger,” says Gus Men.

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