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Vice President Maruf Amin to Support Al Irsyad Al Islamiyah Education

The Vice President wants Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah to become the center of Purwokerto civilization

Chairman of Al Irsyad Al Islamiyah Faishal bin Madi has a dialogue with Vice President Maruf Amin
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Chairman of Al Irsyad Al Islamiyah Faishal bin Madi has a dialogue with Vice President Maruf Amin

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Vice President (Vice President), Ma'am Madi Ruf Amin, expects the Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah organization to build a center of civilization in Purwokerto, Central Java Province, for the welfare of the people.

“My appreciation of this Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah in the field of education is very prominent. I think the key to building human resources is education, indeed the quality of education must be constantly improved and encouraged,” Vice President Ma'ruf said through the Vice President's Secretariat in Jakarta on Monday.

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The appreciation was conveyed by Ma'ruf when he received the presence of the Chairman of PP Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah Faisol Nasar bin Madi and his staff, at the Official Residence of the Vice President, Diponegoro Street No. 2, Jakarta, some time ago

“I consider the center of education to be the center of civilization. Like the Islamic Civilization Center in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. We actually have areas that have such potential, for example Al-Irsyad making Purwokerto the center of civilization like Al-Irsyad,” he said.

The Vice President also said that in ancient times the center of civilization was built in the form of sultanates or empires in which there was economic empowerment for the welfare of the people.

On the occasion, the Vice President also presented the importance of a joint movement with the Islamic ormas in an effort to improve the welfare of the people.

“Movements that are of the nature of togetherness, now under the Indonesian Ulema Assembly. There is a movement of each organization and some must be together, when it is built jointly, then it will stir up the community,” he said.

He exemplified that sharia economics, which used to be the new current of the economy in Indonesia, is now entrenched in people's daily lives because it is continuous and massively echoed.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of PP Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah Faisol Nasar said that the organization he leads is an Islamic institution that remains on the basis of scientific principles, and Islamiyah ukhuwah and is far from practical politics.

Jam'iyat Al-Islah Wal Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah was established on 6 September 1914 in reference to the founding of the first Madrasah Al-Irsyad Al-Islamiyyah, in Jakarta.

On 11 August 1915 the Dutch Colonial government issued its legal recognition. The central figure of Al-Irsyad's founding was Al-'Alamah Sheikh Ahmad Surkati Al-Anshori, a great Meccan cleric originally from Sudan.

Al-Irsyad is an Islamic-oriented association in providing services to the community, in the fields of education, teaching, and social and national discourse.

Al-Irsyad was active in descending directly into the community, including through the Amil Zakat Institution, giving aid to the victims of the Cianjur and Lombok earthquakes.

Later, through her female Superintendent (PB), Al-Irsyad was active in providing guidance in a number of correctional institutions, stunting prevention activities, and Early Childhood Education (PAUD).

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