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Aisyiyah Muhammadiyah: Wearing Hijab is Human Right

Wearing a hijab in the public sphere or scope of work will not interfere with work.

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Chairman Aisyiyah Salmah Orbaniyah said that in fact, the hijab is not synonymous with the Middle East culture, but is a guideline from Islamic teachings to close the aura for Muslims. So that if there is a ban on its use, especially in the public sphere, it is considered a violation of human rights.

“And banning people from wearing the hijab violates human rights,” Salmah said when contacted by Republika on Tuesday (2/1/2024).

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She explained that wearing a hijab in the public sphere or scope of work will not interfere with work, as long as the dress remains neat. In fact, during this time in Bali, Salmah says, there are still many tourists who visit.

Balinese Senator Arya Wedakarna is in the spotlight after a viral video clip of herself alluding to the hijab worn by Muslim women went viral. The video became controversial and drew condemnation from citizens.

In the video, Arya says she doesn't want any women in the frontline section wearing head coverings. He wanted the women on the front lines to have their hair exposed, because Bali is not the Middle East.

“I don't want that front line, that front line, I want the one that Balinese girl kayaks you, her hair looks open. Don't love the cover, the cover is not clear, this is not the Middle East. It's delicious Balinese, use a flower cake, cook what a cake,” Arya said as quoted by Republika in Jakarta, Monday (1/2/2024).

Salmah stressed that the use of headscarves for employees in Bali will not interfere or trigger the slowing tourism economy of the Island of the Gods. So concrete data is needed to prove if there is an allegation that the tourism industry in Bali is disrupted due to the use of the hijab.

“There is also no compelling reason the use of the hijab weakens the economy,” Salmah said.

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