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Hubner, Walsh, and Baggott Join, Erick: It's Time for the National Team to Be Fierce

Indonesia will have its first test against Libya today.

Justim Hubner has joined the Indonesian national team in Turkey for the 2023 Asian Cup.
Foto: dok wolves
Justim Hubner has joined the Indonesian national team in Turkey for the 2023 Asian Cup.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The strength of the Indonesian national team towards the 2023 Asian Cup is growing. Two naturalized players, Justin Hubner and Sandy Walsh, have been docked alongside 28 other players who had previously undergone preparations in Antalya, Turkey.

Another player, Elkan Baggott, is scheduled to join the training center (TC) on Tuesday (2/1/2024). PSSI General Chairman Erick Thohir welcomed the positive increase in ammunition for Shin Tae-yong's training team.

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Moreover, the team will play two test matches against Libya on today and Friday (5/1/2024) in Turkey. Meanwhile, the team struggle in the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup will begin on January 12.

“Komplet has been the main strength of the Red and White team to achieve the best result in the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup. With Hubner, Walsh, and Baggott joining, it is now up to Coach Shin to assemble the core team to perform fiercely through the struggles in Group D that is not easy,” Erick said from Japan on Tuesday.

In the 2023 Asian Cup, the Red and White teams joined in Group D alongside Japan, Iraq, and Vietnam. PSSI targets Asnawi Mangkualam et al can advance to the round of 16.

“I want the team to perform desperately. It's nothing, it's a great chance we can perform again at Asian level since the last time in 2007. So it has been 16 years since I have not played in this event, so it should be total and consider this a golden opportunity to prove that our level can compete with the champions of Asian football,” he said.

With the joining of Hubner, Walsh and Baggott, there are 31 Indonesian players undergoing TC in Turkey. A total of 19 players were brought directly from Indonesia, while others followed to Turkey because they played in foreign leagues, such as Ivar Jenner, Rafael Struick, Jordi Amat and Shayne Pattynama.

The plan is that coach STY will definitely take only 26 players to the 2023 Asian Cup. The final selection will be determined before the tournament takes place. Before taking part in the 2023 Asian Cup, the Indonesian national team still has one more test match against Iran in Qatar which is scheduled for January 9 2024.



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