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Ansor Nahdlatul Ulama: Persistent Goodness Will Cultivate

Universal cultural values unite religious people

Nuns help pair a red and white headband to a Muslim woman (illustration).
Foto: Antara/Irsan Mulyadi
Nuns help pair a red and white headband to a Muslim woman (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEMARANG— Chairman of the Ansor Youth Movement Central Java, Sholahudin Aly said the values of kindness in a religion that runs constantly will become a tradition that will then be cultured.

“When we talk culture, we talk universal. It will definitely happen across religions,” Gus Sholah said in a review of Lazyra Amadea's book “Pulo Geulis, Setapak Keberagaman” by Lazyra Amadea in Semarang on Friday.

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According to him, any religion teaches goodness. He exemplified the religious values that eventually became cultural, the homecoming tradition.

He explained his early homecoming as a silaturahim tradition which has now become universal. “But now everyone is experiencing and feeling. It's these universal cultural values that unite all,” he said.

Pulo Geulis's book, he continued, underlines the fundamental diversity that exists in many places in Indonesia.

He hopes the book will inspire many people to explore the goodness associated with tolerance.

“These small portraits are important to convey to the public that we have the fundamentals to maintain and care for so that Indonesia will continue to be sustainable,” he said.

He exposes the book showcasing the diversity and tolerance that exists in Pulo Geulis.

“From religious activities, traditions, culture, to everyday community interaction,” he said.

Pulo Geulis area is located in Babakan Pasar Village, Bogor City, West Java, with a population of 2,700 inhabitants. Pulo Geulis is south of Bogor Botanical Garden on the banks of the Ciliwung River.

Meanwhile, in a separate place, the professor of UIN Walisongo Semarang, Prof. Syamsul Maarif, We invite all religious people to be careful in their words and deeds.

He stressed the importance of keeping speech and behavior from hurting others. “Our behavior, our speech, and even our thoughts, all reflect the depth of our faith and our servitude to God. Every word and deed has its consequences, and we will be held accountable before Him later,” he said.

The natural inclinations, deeds, and desires of the heart, Syamsul said, must all be in harmony with religious teachings in order to realize the true servitude to the One God.

Syamsul called on all religious people to be careful in their words and deeds.

He said that every individual on earth should be able to be a figure who spreads good, avoids evil, and constantly maintains the harmony of his fellow peoples. “That is why this is the true form of the faith that Allah loves,” Syamsul said.

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