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Riba, Form of Injustice and Exploitation of the Poor

The basic principle in an agreement is justice.

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<p>Riba, The Face of Injustice and Exploitation of the Poor
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Riba, The Face of Injustice and Exploitation of the Poor

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- In the Shahih hadith of Muslim history from the path of Jabir bin Abdullah that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) carried out riba eaters, usurper persons, registrars of riba transactions, and two persons who were witnesses of riba. The Prophet Muhammad said, “They are all the same.”

Ibn Taimiyah explained that the basic principle of an agreement is justice. Therefore, the prohibition against riba came precisely because of the injustice it contained. And the Qur'an goes down to forbid such deeds and also forbids the use of treasures in a nefarious manner.

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Riba is the face of injustice because it corrupts people's money in a vile way. Riba also fuels the exploitation of poor citizens by capital owners by unfairly raising multiples.

Thus, Islam came to prohibit such acts in order to achieve the goal of justice among the people. At the same time to give guidance on how to make legitimate transactions in Islam. For example, in trading activities, murabahah, or leasing.

Islam teaches that each party who enters into a contract or agreement in a financial transaction has rights and obligations. Islamic Sharia distributes rights and obligations in a just balance.

Islam also teaches not to swear in trade, for example by calling the goods the best or something similar. The Standing Committee for Scientific Studies and Providing Fatwas, led by Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz, in its fatwas on buying and selling, stated that oaths in buying and selling are makruh, whether the perpetrator is a liar or if what he says is true. If the perpetrator likes to lie, then his oath which is makruh leads to haram.

This is in accordance with the hadith of Rasulullah SAW, "Don't swear too much when trading, because that way sells the merchandise and then loses its blessings."

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