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The Imam Had Not Bathed Junub, Was His Jamaah Prayer Invalid?

The imam still in the condition of junub is obliged to repeat his prayer

Rep: Muhyiddin/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Illustration of the prayer of the worshipers.
Illustration of the prayer of the worshipers.

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Egypt's Darul Ifta or Egypt's top authority on Islamic religious fatwa recently received a question in one of its live broadcasts on its official Facebook page.

The questioner said that when he became imam of congregational prayer, he remembered that he was in a state of junub, and then canceled prayers from his worshipers?

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The secretary of Fatwa in Egypt's Darul Ifta, Sheikh Muhammad Wissam explained that the prayers were valid. But The prayer of the imam is not valid.

“The prayer of the worshipers is valid, but the prayer is not valid, so the imam is obliged to perform his prayer, but the prayer of the worshipers is valid,” Shaykh Wissam said as quoted from the Masrawy website.

Earlier, the High Imam of Al Azhar Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb had also issued a fatwa on the law of one who forgets to bathe from unclean, and pray without knowing that he is a junub.

Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb said that if the person is praying and then remembers that he is still in an unholy state, then he should immediately sanctify himself and repeat all his prayers performed during hadats (unholy state), be it small or large hadats.

Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb mentions that it is described in Kitab al-Mudawwanah al-Kubra of Imam Malik Bin Anas. It is explained that there was someone who asked Imam Malik about a man who was in an unclean state and did not know it until he went to the market and saw unclean in his clothes, and he had prayed before that.

So, Imam Malik said, he must leave his place, wash his clothes, do his prayer again, and then go to carry out his will again.

Therefore, in the context of the above question, the questioner should repeat his prayer after a big shower and wash his clothes from the unclean.

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