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Can Muadzin Receive Salary?

Muadzin's are generally paid by the manager.

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Azan called muadzin (illustration)
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Azan called muadzin (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The muadzin or the person who performs adzan in mosques or musholas is not a worker of his adzan. Nevertheless, it does not hurt that the muadzin receives salary, what is the reason?

Muadzins are generally given salary from the mosque administrator or from a specific party. On this the scholars are at odds with each other. Ibn Rusyd, in his book Bidayatul Mujtahid wa Nihayatul Muqtashid, said that there were scholars who stated that the muadzin receiving salary was not okay or permissible.

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However, some scholars consider that receiving salary for a muadzin is makruh. As for scholars who consider it makruh even tend to forbid it.

This is based on a hadith narrated by Uthman ibn Abdul Ash, who said that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Ittakhidzu mua'dzinan la ya'khudu ala adzanihi ajran.” Which means, “Take a muadzin who does not take his wages.”

The scholars who allowed it gave arguments equating the receipt of salary by the muadzin to the matter of non-obligatory acts. So of course, giving salary to muadzin is considered permissible.

And because it has a positive purpose and adzan often benefits Muslims, both the recipient of the salary and the person giving it are considered equally to be doing an act of kindness. The origin of the intention is equally due to God alone. Scholars, however, have urged that the muadzin should not determine the rate of each adzan presented. 

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