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Should Muslim Women Dress All In Black?

Islam teaches simplicity for women's clothing.

Rep: Alkhaledi Kurnialam/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Should Muslim Women Dress All In Black?
Should Muslim Women Dress All In Black?

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, RIYADH -- When visiting several Middle Eastern countries, you will find women there wearing all-black clothing that covers their bodies. Such clothing was later interpreted by many as the typical clothing of Muslim women.

Is it true that Muslims should wear all-black clothing?

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A prominent Muslim scholar and lecturer in Saudi Arabia Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid said that, in Islam, black is not a requirement for women's clothing. Islam teaches simplicity for women's clothing, but it doesn't just have to be black.

“It is not one of the requirements for Muslim women's clothing to be black. A woman can wear anything she wants, as long as she does not wear colors that are only identical to men [according to state custom], and she does not wear clothes that are jewelry in themselves, that is, decorated in such a way as to attract human attention,” she said as reported by About Islam.

Shaykh Muhammad quoted a verse in Surah An Nur verse 31 that instructs women not to show off their jewelry. This is also according to the following words of the Prophet Muhammad which means:

Abu Dawud narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: 'Do not hinder the female servants of Allah from attending the mosques of Allah, but let them go unadorned. '

In the Fatwa of the Standing Committee on Fatwa and Research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also mentioned, a woman should not go out in ornate clothes that attract people's attention because this is something that seduces men.

Muslim clothing is also said not only to have to be black. It is permissible for him to wear clothing of any color as long as it covers his aura (the part of the body that must be closed), does not resemble male clothing, and is not too tight to show his body shape that provokes temptation.

Women are not required to wear black clothes. They can wear other colors that are worn only by women so that they do not attract attention.

Many women choose to wear black, not because it is mandatory, but because it is far from jewelry. There are reports that show the women of the Companions used to wear black clothes.

Abu Dawud narrates that Ummu Salamah said: 'When words and draw their veils all over their juyubihinna (i.e. their body, face, neck and chest [one comes out with an appearance like there is a crow on their head because of their clothing.'

Dapat mengunjungi Baitullah merupakan sebuah kebahagiaan bagi setiap Umat Muslim. Dalam satu tahun terakhir, berapa kali Sobat Republika melaksanakan Umroh?

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