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Modest Fashion Lover, Don't Miss Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week!

JMFW 2024 Summit will be held on 19-21 October.

Rep: Shelbi Asrianti/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
Employees organized the Muslim fashion collection exhibited at Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) last year.
Foto: Prayogi/Republika.
Employees organized the Muslim fashion collection exhibited at Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) last year.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The government through the Ministry of Commerce collaborated with stakeholders will shortly held the Jakarta Muslim Fashion Week (JMFW) 2024. JMFW 2024 will focus on strengthening the national modest fashion ecosystem.

This was stated by Director General of National Export Development Didi Sumedi, at the kick-off of JMFW on Thursday (12/10/2023) at the Ministry of Trade Office, Jakarta. “The organization of JMFW became an icon of collaboration between the government and stakeholders such as business people, academics, associations, and the media. I am happy and proud of the cross-sectoral collaboration that can be realized from upstream to downstream,” Didi said as quoted from a press release received by Republika.

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Didi explained that in order to encourage business transactions at JMFW, the Ministry of Commerce also cooperates with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), the Association of Indonesian Retailers and Tenants of Shopping Centers (Hippindo), and the Association of Indonesian Retail Employers (Aprindo). The goal, to attract buyers, including domestic retailers and distributors, optimize the role of trade representatives to be present at JMFW, and encourage business cooperation between international buyers and Indonesian companies.

There are also representatives from associations that participated in the implementation of JMFW, namely the Indonesian Pertextilan Association (API), the Association of Indonesian Cosmetics Companies (Perkosmi), the Association of Companies and Cosmetics Associations (PPAK), Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC), Rahaman Gadis, Hippindo, Aprindo, as well as 202 entrepreneurs engaged in modest fashion, accessories, and cosmetics.

“Indonesia is optimistic that it will be able to dominate the distribution of the world modest fashion market because it is supported by the trend factor of increasing the global Muslim population, which is dominated by millennials. It seems to me that millennials are influencing modest fashion trends. In addition, Indonesia also has the advantages of rich cultural diversity, local wisdom, and high quality of human resources,” Didi said.

Deputy Minister for International Relations Anne Patricia Sutanto said, JMFW does not only belong to a specific party, but belongs to the Indonesian nation. “We want JMFW to belong to Indonesia, not only from the business side or other ministries/institutions. This is because the ecosystem created at JMFW is not just from one ministry/agency. We are one. I also hope that all programs at JMFW are sustainable to make an impact for the people in the ecosystem,” Anne said.


Finance and Development Expert Staff, Ministry of SOE Loto Srinaita Ginting said that the Ministry of SOEs and SOEs has many programs that support the development of SMEs engaged in the culinary, fashion, and kriya sectors. “We do coaching for MSMEs including market expansion. This activity can be a synergy for all of us,” Loto said.

Director of Export Development of Services and Creative Products Miftah Farid revealed that JMFW activities are not only at the main event, but also have activities before and after the summit of the event. “JMFW has a series of pre-summit activities that can be held with the collaboration of all parties. After the peak of the event, we want the interaction of Indonesian modest fashion designers with international buyers to be stronger,” Miftah said.

The JMFW 2024 summit will be held on 19-21 October 2023, which will be held in conjunction with Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) on 18-22 October at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD, Tangerang. JMFW activities will feature a series of fashion marketing events, trade shows, and business exploration.

JMFW 2024 involves various parties ranging from ministries such as Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ministry of Education Culture Research and Technology, Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Bank Indonesia, Kadin, as well as various private parties.

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