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Spiritual Crisis Called One of the Factors of Suicide

Suicide among adolescents is considered to occur at any time.

Rep: Imas Damayanti/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MALANG -- Professor of Sociology of Religion at Ibrahimiy University of East Java HM Baharun said that the current rise in suicides is a separate concern. This proves that there is a moral and spiritual crisis that is taking place.

“In my opinion, this trend of suicide of adolescents and students is now occurring because of a moral and spiritual crisis,” Baharun said when contacted by Republika, Friday (15/12/2023).

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Suicide among adolescents is considered to occur at any time. This may be due to the emptiness of religious values for some adolescents who are depressed as a result of hopelessness in life that is considered unsolvable. 

He considered that the main factor in the rise in suicide occurred due to the failure of religious education in the family environment. He therefore emphasizes that the family must take responsibility for this phenomenon. 

Families can actually be early companions to teens who start to look angry and desperate before major depression sets in. According to his view, in addition to the economic underpinning of suicide, social factors also trigger suicide. 

“But religion is most important in controlling someone's bad intentions as fatal as this suicide. As it happened all along because of the absence of a handle on life, that is, religious values. Or the low internalization of religion in us that is felt and our culture and social system,” Baharun said. 

He explained that religion teaches its people to constantly trust their followers because every problem and calamity and social pressure will inevitably come to an end. Where later every problem will be replaced with ease and success. 

As is known, a woman was found dead after jumping from the 12th floor of the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Brawijaya, Malang, recently. The last news is known, the victim's status is no longer a UB student. 

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