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Benefit of Prioritizing the Hereafter

Eternal life will be in the Hereafter.

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Knowledge of the afterlife (illustration).
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Knowledge of the afterlife (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The life of the world is a stopover, while the eternal will be in the afterlife. For the one who prioritizes the afterlife, he will acquire a number of virtues.

According to Islam, the present world is not an eternal abode. The Quran tells us that man is placed here only temporarily, so that his moral fibre may be tested in terms of his obedience to God’s will. He must always remember that there will be the life hereafter, or Akhirat as it is known in Islamic terminology. This is also referred to as Ma‘ad, which means a place to which one returns.

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There is a time limit to mortal existence. Death marks the end of the testing period for all human beings. But death only means a change of abode, for the soul never dies. Man returns to the realm whence he came, so that he may wait for Judgement Day. That realm, the life hereafter, is the eternal world. Thus man’s life is divided into two parts: a brief stay in this world and an eternal life in the next world. To the ungodly, it is only then that it becomes obvious that a life which is eternal is far more important than this present existence.

Through Telegram message Ustadz Najmi Umar Bakkar explained, Ali bin Abi Thalib said:

“Whoever is preoccupied with the affairs of his religion, God will give him sufficiency in the affairs of the world...!!” (Al-Bahrur Raa-iq Fiz Zuhdi war Raqaa-iq p. 50)

'Umar bin 'Abdul 'Aziz Rahmay Allah said: “O man! Fix your afterlife, and God will improve your world. And fix what is hidden from you, and Allah will correct everything that appears to you” (Al-Ikhlaas li Ibn Abid Dunya 50)

'Abdullah bin 'Aoun Rahmah Allah said:

It is the last of the last days, and I am the last one, and I am the last one, and I am the last one of them. Niacam

“Those before us have made for the world what is left of their afterlife. But you make for your afterlife what is left of your worldly affairs” (Shifatush Shafwah III/101)

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