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This Military Personnel Wrote Tafsir in Java Language

The Quran Tafsir is written in various languages.

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Reading Quran.
Reading Quran.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The book of interpretation of the Quran that has been widely circulated in Indonesian society so far is only the work of scholars and boarding schools. These works have also contributed a lot to the interpretation facilities in Bumi Nusantara.

However, it turned out that there was also a book of tafsir written by a figure with a military background, namely Brigjen Drs H Bakri Shahid. It was he who wrote a book of tafsir, namely Al-Huda: Tafsir of the Qur'an in the Java language.

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Bakri Syahid was a native son of Yogyakarta who was born in Suronatan village, NgDistrict on December 16, 1918 A.D. His real name was Bakri, while the additional name Syahid was taken from his father's name, Muhammad Syahid.

Bakri comes from the milieu of a pioneering Muhammadiyah family. He was the second of seven children. His six siblings were successively named Siti Aminah, Lukman Shahid, Zapriyah, Siti Wafiyah, Ismiyati, and Dukhoiri.

The Bakri family is known as a religious family. Therefore, Bakri also grows and develops with religious values, has a solid faith and Islam, and has wisdom in community life.

In the book “100 Inspiring Muhammadiyah Figures” it is explained that the book of Al-Huda published by Bagus Arafat is a complete book of 30 juz in Javanese and Latin. Before going into print, the manuscript had also been re-examined by Kiai Penghulu KRT H Wardan Dipaningrat and Ustadz Rahmat Qasim.

This book of tafsir al-Huda was written by Bakrie Shahid at the request of the people of Suriname. The writing of Tafsir Al-Huda began since Bakri Shahid became Assistant Secretary to the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Bakri Shahid wrote the book secretly, unbeknownst to his friends or his own brothers. However, it is not known exactly why Bakri wrote it secretly at that time. But it is clear that he wrote the book of tafsir when he was an active member of the military until he occupied the post of Rector of IAIN Sunan Kalijaga in 1972-1977.

The writing of the book of Tafsir Al-Huda originated from his anxiety during the siege at the residence of Sheikh Abdul Manan in the cities of Makkah and Medina. He was not alone in the incident, but there were several colleagues from Suriname and Javanese people residing in Singapore.

During the meeting, it was revealed some concerns about the work of Javanese tafsir books that use Latin. Eventually, Bakri Shahid was motivated to write a book of tafsir which was later named Tafsir Al-Huda and published in 1979.

Not only Tafir Al-Huda, many other works that Bakri Shahid has produced, such as the book The State of the Republic of Indonesia, the Science of Social Soul, the Book of Fiqih, and the Book of Aqoid. The works were written when Bakri was still a student. While the book National Defense and Ideology of the State Pancasila was written by Bakri when he became an official at IAIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta.

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