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These Quranic Verses Forbid Muslim Disobey Parents

Durhaka to the elderly is among the most dangerous diseases of the liver.

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Act of disobedience (illustration)
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Act of disobedience (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Disobedience against parents include heinous acts is deeply hated by Allah Swt. Disobedience to parents is a great sin.

A person who disobeys his parents will be punished directly while he is alive. Then in the afterlife, he will be thrown into hell.

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The Prophet Muhammad said, “The great sins are to bind Allah, to disobey the elderly, and to kill people and perjury.” (H.R. Bukhari).

Committing acts that may cause disappointment to parents include acts of disobedience. “In fact, even unintentional words, such as saying “ah” to parents, include acts of iniquity. It is as God says.

“Your Lord has commanded you worship none other than Him, and that you should do good to your fathers in the best way. If one of the two or both of them comes of age in your care, do not say to them the word 'ah', and do not shout at them, and say to them glorious words.” (QS Al Israa: 23).

Saying “cis” towards a parent is also a form of disobedience. As Allah says:

“And, the one who said to his parents' cis', to the two of you, did you warn me that I would be resurrected, when indeed some of the people before me had passed away?” Then both his parents asked God for help, saying, 'Woe to you, believe! Indeed, God's promise is true.” Then, he said, 'This is nothing but the fable of the ancients. ' These are the ones who have surely decreed punishment upon them, along with the nations that have passed before them from jinn and man. Indeed, they are the losers.” (QS Al Ahqaaf: 17-18)

If saying “Ah” and “Cis” considered as act of disobedience, what if more than that?

Iniquity against the elderly includes acts of mercy whose punishment is hastened by Allah. Not only will He receive punishment in the world, but also in the Hereafter.

Addiction to the elderly is among the most dangerous liver diseases. For this one despicable act is of many kinds, such as hurting the hearts of parents, reproaching parents, snapping at parents.

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