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MUI Has No Authority to Revoke Halal Certification of Israeli Products

BPJPH is responsible to certify halal product.

Rep: Ratna Ajeng Tejomukti
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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- After the MUI Fatwa on the call for a boycott of Israeli-affiliated products, many communities spread the name of the product and even banned it until proposing to revoke its halal certification.

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Chairman of the Indonesian Ulama Assembly (MUI) Muhammad Cholil Nafis said that the institution does not have the right to revoke the halal certification of a product that has met the procedure.

“Halal certification is the authority of BPJPH (halal certification board) and the related MUI fatwa to stop using Israeli products does not mean that products coming from Israel are directly not halal,” he said on Thursday (16/11/2023).

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MUI fatwa was an appeal to prohibit support for Israelis who commit aggression against Palestinians. It does not mean that products that are already halal then become haram to be consumed.

This fatwa is in its nature a recommendation because during this time Israeli-affiliated companies have contributed their profits to Israeli munitions in attacking Palestinians.

“What is illegal is supporting companies that donate funds to Israel. So it is recommended as much as possible for Indonesians not to use Israeli products or those that contribute profit to Israel,” he said.

Because it is obligatory for Muslims to defend Palestine for the atrocities committed by Israel. Defending Palestine can be done by praying, donating, and negotiating.

However, because through the action of the whole world and the demands of the UN alone were not heard, the MUI appealed to break Israel's power through the economic sphere. One is to no longer buy their products.

“This was done by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) during the war by boycotting all the economy of the Quraysh,” he said.

If there is a product that is still available at home, it is still used and utilized. If it is used up, then it is no longer necessary to buy it.

However, if there is a product that cannot be replaced. For example, drugs that have to be taken produce them and if they do not drink they cause death, then it is okay to keep using them as long as there is no substitute.

MUI as a scholarly assembly is unethical to make a list of such prohibited product names. Because it is not a clerical character to designate a particular product.

Keep in mind MUI is not inviting to hate Israeli products. Scholars should not invite hatred.

It's just that the purpose of this fatwa is for affiliated companies to stop supporting Israel. Then Israel ceased to have the source of funds as their strength and ceased to engage in aggression against the Palestinians.

Kiai Cholil is grateful if this fatwa becomes the momentum of the community glancing at MSMEs and local products. So that the efforts of the children of the nation become more developed.

“It is better that we do buy products from around us, for example shopping in neighboring stalls, or shopping vegetables products from the surrounding community so that they continue to produce,” he said.

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