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LazisMu Allocated IDR 1.7 Billion to Palestine

In the early stages, LazisMu channeled that aid in the form of medicine and food.

A representative of  LazisMu partner shows some of the aid that are for Palestinians.
A representative of LazisMu partner shows some of the aid that are for Palestinians.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- For more than two weeks the heated situation has been going on between Israel and the Palestinians. Israeli brutality against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip has claimed more than six thousand lives. No fewer than 2,700 of those killed were children.

Muhammadiyah continues to increase concern for the Palestinians. Until now, LazisMu continues to collect funds from donors who entrust their donations to the Muhammadiyah charity institution.

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Reported from its official website, LazisMu managed to raise more than IDR 1.7 billion by Thursday (26/10/2023). Precisely, the collected donations amounted to IDR 1,796,583,147 which came from 4,759 donors.

LazisMu President Director, Edi Suryanto, revealed that in the early stages the aid distribution will focus on medicine and food. This aid is sure to be on target to the Palestinians who need it.

“LazisMu at this early stage is channeling aid to meet food and medicine needs. We continue to coordinate with relevant parties in the distribution of aid (in Palestine),” Edi said in a written statement received by Republika on Thursday (26/10/2023).

LazisMu has consistently continued to help the Palestinian people in various fields. It is not only when there is a humanitarian crisis, says Edi. Muhammadiyah makes efforts to improve aspects of education, health, and empowerment of the local economy in Palestine. That includes the distribution of aid during Ramadan and Eid al-Adha.

Representatives of LazisMu partners who distribute aid in Palestine expressed their gratitude to Muhammadiyah. This support can ease the burden on residents in the Gaza Strip. “Thanks to the primacy and the help of Allah SWT, at present the Muhammadiyah charity institution, LazisMu, can distribute donation from you all (Indonesian people) in the form of medicines and medical equipment so as to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian in the Gaza Strip,” he said.

Lampung sets a record

In Lampung Province, the collection of funds for Palestine carried out by LazisMu in the has reached more than IDR 500 million. Precisely, the local LazisMu managed to collect IDR 561,370,500 per Monday (23/10/2023).

Chairman of LazisMu's Representative in Lampung Seraden Nihan said that he appreciates the donors who have entrusted donations through LazisMu. “We thank the donors who entrusted their charity through us,” he said, as quoted by Republika from a written statement received in Jakarta on Wednesday (25/10/2023).

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