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Saudi emergency call 911 offers service in Bahasa

Saudi receives 60 thousand emergency calls during hajj season.

Indonesian hajj pilgrims.
Foto: Republika/Fitriyan Zamzami
Indonesian hajj pilgrims.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MEDINA -- Indonesian language, or known as Bahasa Indonesia, will be used among 17 other languages in the Saudi Emergency Call 911. Head of the Saudi Center for Security Operation 911 Waleed Sami' Abu Shanab informed visiting foreign journalists, who had undertaken a tour of the center in Mecca recently.

In addition to the Indonesian language, the center uses English, French, Japanese, and Urdu, he remarked, adding that more languages will be used by the center to meet the increasing demand.

The center receives some 45 thousand emergency calls daily from people, including those involved in traffic accidents. During the hajj season, it receives 60 thousand to 80 thousand emergency calls from hajj pilgrims, he revealed.

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Welcoming the hajj season 2018, the center provides an operation room for hajj to help monitor the conditions of hajj pilgrims, whose number reaches more than three million. He explained that the special room is equipped with several monitoring screens that display images that can capture every point in Mecca.

Approaching this year's hajj season, all ministers responsible for the hajj implementation, including home affairs minister, hajj and umroh minister, and security minister, will meet in the special room to establish internal coordination for hajj activities, he added.

The monitoring is conducted at the center using a smart system integrated with the crowd management inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca, so hajj activities and the conditions of hajj pilgrims would be accurately observed, he remarked.

Also present is a media center and briefing room, with computers using several languages, including Indonesian and Malay, for editors.

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