Saturday, 7 Syawwal 1441 / 30 May 2020

Saturday, 7 Syawwal 1441 / 30 May 2020

Al-Khaththath never meets Ahok at Mako Brimob prison

Selasa 06 Jun 2017 16:09 WIB

Rep: Sri Handayani/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Mako Brimob, Depok, West Java

Mako Brimob, Depok, West Java

Foto: Republika/Noer Qomariah Kusumawardhani

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Al-Khaththath's lawyer, Achmad Michdan, said his client never met Basuki Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok in Brimob Headquarter Detain Center, Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java. In fact, both were detained in the same place.

Michdan said, he once asked his client whether he ever met Ahok while being detained. The Secretary General of Muslim Forum (FUI) said he never met the former Jakarta governor.

Michdan also asked where Ahok was detained to the official of the detainsion center. But, they always gave the same answer that they did not know.

"Whether the official really did not know or he pretends not to know, we don't know,” said him to on Monday (June 5).

Muhammad Gatot Saptono or al-Khaththath was named as a suspect of alleged coup plot. He and some other people were accused to have bad agreement. He was charged by article 107 of Criminal Code juncto article 110 of Criminal Code on coup plot agreement. Police detained him in Mako Brimob Detainsion Center since Friday (March 31).

Ahok got his verdict on a blasphemy case. He was transferred to Mako Brimob Detainsion Center since May 10, after being detained in Cipinang Correctional Institution, East Jakarta.

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