Thursday, 12 Rabiul Awwal 1442 / 29 October 2020

Thursday, 12 Rabiul Awwal 1442 / 29 October 2020

Poso conflict and the existence of terrorist group

Senin 09 May 2016 21:32 WIB

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By: Almira Fadillah*

Nowadays, the movement of terrorist groups has become a great concern of many countries including Indonesia. In general, the terrorist groups conduct guerrilla movement, as a form of vigilance, to secure their interest to create Khilafah Islamiyah and Daulah Islamiyah.

The understanding of “jihad” amongst the terrorist group is a real action to fight the enemies, both the infidel and the Moslem who have different understanding from theirs. The action could be a suicide bombing or killing the enemies who are mostly civilians. They take the actions not only as a punishment but also to threaten the enemies. Hence, they spread the messages in all media through social media and the internet network to show their existence and enthusiasm to realize their dream.

In Indonesia, The terrorist groups are trying to show their existence by conducting suicide bombings targeting locations that are of often visited by foreign tourists especially from western countries or a place that carries the symbol of certain religion or a church.

Santoso’s Group and Poso Conflict

Poso has been experiencing horizontal conflict since 2000s. Some of the conflict then transformed into vertical conflict such as Santoso’s group vs Indonesia as a state. In the development, the issue then becomes a global issue following the declaration of ISIS by Al Baghdadi in Syria.

In this matter, the US has listed Santoso in Specially Designated Global Terrorists (SDGT) list. Currently, Santoso is considered as the leader of East Indonesia Mujahidin, the group who are considered responsible for some killing and kidnapping cases in Indonesia in recent years.

As a post conflict area, Poso still has quite great number of remaining weapons that eventually used by Santoso group. The shooting case in front of BCA Palu branch in 2011 by Santoso group has proven that the remaining weapons from the conflict were used by the group.

For the activities, this Abu Wardah alias Santoso led terrorist group hold a military training (tadrib) in the woods that become their hideout in Poso, Central Sulawesi. They have created a military obstacles for the tadrib. For the movement, the group keeps moving every single day.

Previously, the group also convicted in the shooting of an army officer Sergeant Zainudin who involved in a joint operation between armed force/the police and National Counter-terrorism Agency (BNPT). In that action, Santoso also spread a video threatening to destroy Polda Metro Jaya headquarter and Istana Merdeka. The group also spread fear among local people by beheading Wayan (an immigrant from Bali) in a farm land. The same thing happened to Simon (from Tolai Barat) in Dusun Buana Sari farm, Tolai Induk Village, Torue District and Sausu Salubanga Village, Sausu District.

These became a situation among Poso society. Santoso group does not only target the government officers but also local people, especially ones who were suspected as a spy or leaking the location of the group to the official authority. Reports from local people have indicated the rejection towards this movement. On the other hand, the society now has realized that the radical movement of Santoso group does not create peace for Poso society, instead it creates upheaval and insecurity in Poso.

Then, what should the government do?

The movement of Santoso group is now a concern of the government. To tackle this issue, the government try to use security approach to break the chain of Santoso group. Regarding this measure, the government also involves civil society to directly participate in eliminating the group. This is done to show that the operation in Poso is not only a matter of increasing the budget of related agencies.

Numbers of negative impact created by Santoso both for the situation in Poso and the people of Poso should be the motivation to fight terrorism in Indonesia, especially Santoso group in Poso. We have to remember many lives that have been taken away by the group both from security officers group and local people.

From now on, we have to join our hands to “Reject Terrorism” by promoting tolerance amongst religious society and races to eliminate fanaticism. We must also support all government programs to eradicate terrorism in Indonesia and actively participate in monitoring the movement of terrorist group.

*A graduate student of Gunadharma University Jakarta

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