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Selasa, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 Februari 2020

Fitch affirms the rating four Indonesian Regional Development Bank (BPD)

Kamis 27 Mar 2014 17:42 WIB

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Indonesian currency (illustration)

Indonesian currency (illustration)


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA - Fitch Ratings has affirmed the National Long-Term rating at 'A (idn)' to four development banks Indonesia-PT region Regional Development Bank Riau and Riau Islands (Riau Riau Bank), PT Lampung Regional Development Bank (Bank Lampung), PT Bank Regional Development Maluku (Moluccas Bank) and Bank of North Sulawesi (Bank of North Sulawesi). Outlook is stable. on the same time, Fitch has set a national ranking in the Short Term 'F1 (idn) for Bank Riau Riau, Lampung Bank and the Bank of North Sulawesi. Complete List ranking results available at the end of this report. A (idn)

National ranking in the category 'A' indicates the expectation would risk failure low pay relative to other issuers or securities in Indonesia. However, a change in circumstances or economic conditions may be affect the capacity to pay in a timely manner than commitment Financial shown by the higher rating categories. F1 (idn)

National Rating 'F1' indicates the capacity to pay financial commitments The most powerful in a timely manner relative to other issuers or debt securities in Indonesia. National rating scale of Fitch, the ratings given the lowest default risk relative to the rest of Indonesia. If specific liquidity profile is strong, a "+" is added to the ratings given.

Bank Riau Riau, Lampung Bank, Bank of Maluku and North Sulawesi Bank is majority owned by the provincial government, district and municipality in the province each. Affirmation of the National Long-Term rating reflecting support is unchanged from the provincial government and the central government. The central government can provide limited support to the four banks development of the area, if necessary, given the important role these banks in support of regional economic development, although the risk owned by systemic lower than other big banks.

sumber : Reuters
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