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Sabtu, 20 Safar 1441 / 19 Oktober 2019

Perry to form National Committee for Digital Economy

Rabu 28 Mar 2018 20:50 WIB

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Bank Indonesia (BI) governor candidate Perry Warjiyo

Bank Indonesia (BI) governor candidate Perry Warjiyo

Foto: Republika/Yasin Habibi
Perry undergoes a fit and proper test as BI governor candidate.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Bank Indonesia (BI) governor candidate Perry Warjiyo promised to create a National Committee of Digital Economy to optimize the contribution of Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (SOEs) facing problems in obtaining access to financing sources and product marketing. He said that during a fit and proper test at Commission XI of the House of Representatives (DPR), Jakarta, Wednesday.

Perry emphasized the need for industry in the financial sector to take advantage of digital technology and cooperation with technology-based financial sector in the era of fourth industrial revolution 4.0. "Strategy is needed. A national committee for digital economy needs to be set up to synergize policies, empower SOEs and logistics, standardize SOE products which can be done through e-commerce," he said.

Perry explained that SMEs become one of the focuses of the Central Bank because the economic inclusiveness and resilience of SMEs are now exposed to external economic pressures.

BI in the next two years will require banks to channel credit to SOEs at least 20 percent of their total loan portfolio.

The committee will also bridge the role of the financial technology (fintech) with the banking industry, insurance, financing, and capital markets. The "fintech" connectivity is necessary to prevent the occurrence of undocumented economic activity by the regulator.

"BI should be innovative in making a breakthrough on monetary, macro-prudential, payment and other aspects. BI should be more proactive in coordinating cooperation with the government, Financial Service Authority (OJK) and DPR," he said.

The establishment of the National Committee of the Digital Economy is one the strategic policies that Perry Warjiyo will perform over the next five years, if he is approved as BI governor. Perry's policy outline is to encourage economic growth while keeping the stability of the rupiah and inflation.

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