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Jokowi gives special duty for Rizal Ramli

Jumat 21 Aug 2015 08:34 WIB

Rep: C09/ Red: Julkifli Marbun

President Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo

Foto: Antara/Yudhi Mahatma

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA –- President Joko Widodo assigned the Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs, Rizal Ramli, to shorten the dwelling time in all ports. Jokowi said that the dwelling time should be conducted in three to four days.

The special duty was ordered by President Jokowi in Plenary Session of the Cabinet at the Presidential Office. “The previous time of dwelling time is more than five days,” said Cabinet Secretary, Pramono Anung, Wednesday (19/8).

He added that the President also gave a deadline to Rizal Ramli, to complete the duty as soon as possible. "The president gave a deadline until October," said Pramono.

Rizal explained that the dwelling time will be discussed next week. “Wait for next week, we will focus on new strategy and positioning of dwelling time,” he said.

He added that the dwelling time requires cooperation of various parties. “There are mafia, so that we invite the Chief of Indonesian Police, the Army Commander and others,” he continued.

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