Thursday, 12 Rabiul Awwal 1442 / 29 October 2020

Thursday, 12 Rabiul Awwal 1442 / 29 October 2020

Ministry denies reports on breach of ID card security system

Jumat 07 Dec 2018 16:33 WIB

Rep: Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

E-ID cards.

E-ID cards.

Foto: Republika/Prayogi
Someone with the initials 'NI' sells blank e-ID cards through a marketplace.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Ministry of Home Affairs has denied reports saying that the security system of citizens' electronic identification cards has broken down. He made the comment related to cases of buying and selling electronic ID Cards through marketplace.

"The reports saying the security system for electronic ID cards has broken down are not true," said the Head of the Information Center of the Home Ministry, Bahtiar, in his written statement, received in Jakarta on Friday.

According to Bahtiar, the ID cards cannot be printed anywhere because it needed to use a specially designed printing machine. He reiterated that the machine is specifically built and limited produced.

"To print an ID card, it is necessary to input certain data from the recording of personal data, fingerprints and others. Only the ranks of the Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil) have access to the population database to be able to input the data into the ID card blank chip," he said.

Bahtiar said population databases using networks that are private in nature are not public networks. He also requested that the deceived people buy blank to report to the nearest law enforcement officials or local government because Law 24/2013 clearly stipulates that applying for having ID cards is free or free of charge.

"So, the information is not correct stating that the security system for electronic ID cards has collapsed. The electronic ID card system has a security system that is very strong and layered," Bahtiar further explained.

Every electronic ID card stamp has a User ID or Chip ID number that distinguishes one another. This number is recorded systematically, so that it can be easily identified where an electronic ID card is blank and who printed it.

Regarding the case of buying and selling electronic ID cards, which was allegedly the result of a theft allegedly carried out by someone with the initials "NI". Bahtiar added, based on the results of initial identification the suspect allegedly was a former Dukcapil official in Tulang Bawang District, Lampung Province.

The case already handled by the Metro Jaya Regional Police.

"After tracking and investigating it was found that it was alleged that someone with the initials 'NI' stole the electronic ID card blank, around March 2018 because on March 13, 2018 the ID card blank was submitted to the area and the blank was being sold now," he said.

So, this is clearly a crime of theft. The ID card stamp was tried to be sold, Bahtiar said.

This problem, he added, needs to be taken seriously and the perpetrators have been processed by the police.

"We urge that we do not trust the information circulating in various social media regarding the case of buying and selling illegal population documents that could potentially disturb the public and even raise other problems," he stressed.

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