Selasa , 26 April 2016, 14:14 WIB

VP inaugurates regional autonomy institute

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Jusuf Kalla
Jusuf Kalla

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla inaugurated the Regional Autonomy Institute (i-Otda) as part of a series of events to commemorate Regional Autonomy Day in Jakarta on Tuesday.

"At first, I thought the i-Otda stands for Internet network as there was also a seminar on 'smart city' here, but it turns out to be an institute," Kalla noted in his opening remarks here.

The vice president hoped the i-Otda would be able to offer benefits by promoting ideas for advancing the regional autonomy.

"Congratulations for the establishment of the i-Otda. I remind you that the only thing permanent in life is change. Technology will change, so the governance system must also follow suit," he stated.

Meanwhile, President of the Regional Autonomy Institute Djohermansyah Djohan stated that the institute was established by several practitioners and experts in the field of governance, local government law, local politics, and regional autonomy.

"This organization is a non-profit institute, and it is expected to contribute ideas to the central and local governments to promote decentralization and our regional autonomy, both in policy formulation and its implementation," he emphasized.

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