Rabu , 19 April 2017, 15:06 WIB

Police arrest people attempting to undermine Jakarta election

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Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General M. Iriawan
Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General M. Iriawan

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Police security officers have arrested a group of people attempting to undermine the Jakarta gubernatorial election on Wednesday, according to Metro Jaya Police Chief Inspector General M. Iriawan.

"A group of about eight people forced their way into a polling station in East Jakarta, but we have arrested them," Iriawan remarked here on Wednesday.

He said the group of people were then taken to a police station in East Jakarta for further investigation to unearth their motive of forcefully entering the polling station.

Iriawan said he had also obtained a report indicating a shortage of ballot papers in North Jakarta, but the matter has been coordinated with the Jakarta Election Commission. 

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In addition, he said no reports were received of any mass mobilization of people from outside into Jakarta, but the security officials will remain on alert to anticipate any untoward incident.

"The Metro Jaya Police and all security officials will remain on guard until the ballot counting is over," Iriawan noted, adding that the security condition in Jakarta remained conducive during the run-off election on Wednesday.

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