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BRI Named Best Performing BUMN Bank

BRI won Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) 2024.

BRI won Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) 2024 as the best performing company for Bank Persero category.
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BRI won Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) 2024 as the best performing company for Bank Persero category.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk again received recognition for its positive and sustained performance. BRI won Bisnis Indonesia Award (BIA) 2024 as the best performing company for Bank Persero category.

Citing an official release from Bisnis Indonesia, BIA 2024 carries the theme of Agility in Uncertainty, highlighting the importance of adaptability and innovation in the face of uncertainty. This theme is particularly relevant to the conditions of the business world over the past five years, where companies have had to adapt quickly and effectively to stay afloat and thrive.

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The BIA event held in Jakarta, in mid-June 2024, was an annual agenda as a form of appreciation to the corporation, especially whose shares are traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. In this award, Bisnis Indonesia Award 2024 awards the best performing companies from various industry categories, namely 39 non-bank issuer categories and 7 banking categories. The winners were selected based on independent judging by experts experienced in the business world, capital markets, and finance.

Related to the achievement, BRI President Director Sunarso revealed that the award is dedicated to all BRiLiN people or BRI workers. It gives the highest appreciation to Insan BRiliN for contributing optimally to the company and providing the best service for its customers.

“This award is achieved for Insan Brilliant's contribution and hard work so that BRI's performance remains able to grow sustainably,” he said.

He continued, BRI, as the bank with the widest network in Indonesia, continues to innovate and carry out continuous transformation. In terms of performance, BRI managed to make a profit of Rp 15.98 trillion until the end of the first quarter of 2024. The Company also managed to channel credit of Rp 1,308.65 trillion or double digit growth of 10.89 percent year-on-year (yoy).

Of these loans, 83.25 percent of which or Rp 1,089.41 trillion is a loan portfolio for the MSME segment. The issuance of loans that grew in double digits had an impact on the increasing assets of the company, where BRI's assets reached Rp 1,989.07 trillion or grew 9.11 percent yoy.

When detailed, all BRI loan segments recorded positive growth, micro segment recorded growth of 10.51 percent yoy to Rp 622.61 trillion, consumer segment grew 11.62 percent yoy to Rp 193.96 trillion, small and medium segment grew 8.06 percent yoy to Rp 272.85 trillion and corporate segment grew 15.10 percent yoy to Rp 219.24 trillion.

“Looking ahead, the BRI remains optimistic amid global economic conditions that remain mired in uncertainty. The Company has great optimism to enter the business climate in 2024, as BRI has strong fundamentals,” concluded Sunarso.

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