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Apply ESG Aspects, This is a Program Run by Telkomsel

Customers can exchange points for tree planting programs.

Rep: Frederikus Bata/ Red: Budi Raharjo
FGD Republika's activity entitled ESG Rembuk for Indonesia at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building in Jakarta, Thursday (4/7/2024).
Foto: Thoudy Badai/Republika
FGD Republika's activity entitled ESG Rembuk for Indonesia at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building in Jakarta, Thursday (4/7/2024).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesian companies have taken serious care to implement environmental, social, and governance aspects (ESG) G) in the conduct of his business. The importance of implementing ESG is also emphasized by Telkomsel.

Telkomsel's CSR Enviroment and Ecosystem Manager, Gumilar Henda Nugraha Ali said, the implementation of ESG is a necessity. Moreover, Telkomsel has 158 million subscribers.

“Which means that we are in contact with many people, so that the company continues to innovate to spur sustainable business. Not only focus on economic aspects, but also pay attention to environmental, social, and so on management,” Gumilar said while attending FGD Republika “ESG Rembuk for Indonesia”, at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Jakarta, Thursday (5/7/2024).

According to him, Telkomsel has already created an ESG framework. “There is environment protection, responsible bussines practice, and people empowerment,” Gumilar said.

On the side of efforts to protect the environment, Telkomsel has several programs, among them GHG emission, carbon offset, waste management, sim cards recycling, water utilisation, and so on. Regarding community empowerment, Telkomsel has programs such as talent development and growth, costumer engagement, digital responsibility and inclusion, and others.

Furthermore, Telkomsel also demonstrated responsible building practices. This is done through a number of programs, including risk management, value and compliance, mitigating risk of corrupt practices and cybersecurity.

“In waste management, we also have a program 'Telkomsel Take Care of the World',” he said.

Regarding waste management, he claims Telkomsel to be the only telecommunications company concerned with managing simcard shell waste. Although at the moment you can already use E-Sim.

“But for products that were previously, of a physical nature, we also focused on managing shell waste at the outlet, in total we have already more or less (recycled) 260 kg of leftover prime card shells containing plastic,” Gumilar said.

Another of Telkomsel's efforts to protect the environment is a four percent reduction in electricity usage. Telkomsel also has a tree planting program.

“We also educate for how customers can participate in caring for the earth through the carbon offset program in our app at My Telkomsel,” he said.

He added that customers can use Telkomsel Points and then donate to plant trees. Telkomsel also maximizes corporate social responsibility, thus supporting targeted efforts.

Telkomsel also focuses on talent development and growth, which is part of the principle of social aspects in ESG. Almost 23 percent of the company's female employees are represented, of which about 14 percent are at senior leadership level.

“Then in the governance aspect, we came up with the Telkomsel Jaga Data campaign. Externally we continue to reflect on how our customers care about their data security,” he said.

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