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Prof Haedar Affirmed Muhammadiyah Wants To Join Indonesia's Promotion

Muhammadiyah with its independence continues to strive to enlighten the nation.

Rep: Antara/ Red: Budi Raharjo
Chairman of the Central Executive (PP) of Muhammadiyah, Prof. Haedar Nashir.
Foto: Republika/Febrianto Adi Saputro
Chairman of the Central Executive (PP) of Muhammadiyah, Prof. Haedar Nashir.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Chairman of the Central Executive (PP) of Muhammadiyah, Prof. Haedar Nashir affirms the attitude of the religious and community organizations he leads to continue to commit to advancing Indonesia. The statement was delivered by Haedar in Apel Akbar of the Muhammadiyah Youth Force Preparedness Command (KOKAM) in the framework of the 8th Milad of the University of Muhammadiyah Bandung (UMB).

“Muhammadiyah with its independence has been and continues to strive to enlighten, invigorate, enlighten, unite, and advance the Indonesian nation to the leading, farthest, and lagging corners,” he said in a written statement in Jakarta, Sunday (30/6/2024).

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According to him, Muhammadiyah in the long course of history has proven its practices in the life of the nation in order to ensure that the survival of the people is advanced in all spheres of life. It is also based on Islamic values to be a mercy to the universe.

Haedar said that in the midst of the dynamics of national life or the complex global dynamics of today, Muhammadiyah affirms the commitment, vision, and conduct of the organization's struggle. According to him, Muhammadiyah is a religious and social organization whose presence constantly promotes Islamic treatises.

“Advance in facing life in various fields by giving great priority to welfare and preventing harm to the people's lives,” Haedar said.

The Professor of Governmental Sciences of the University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta said that Muhammadiyah as a progressive Islamic Movement continues to move for the uplift of civilization, peace, well-being, unity, justice, goodness, and progress in the life of the Indonesian people and in the global sphere that respects Islam.

“Muhammadiyah has always been pro-life and not anti-life in all fields for the realization of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia that baldatun thayyibatun warabbun ghafur,” said the Zayed Award for Human Fraternity 2024.

Haedar said that Muhammadiyah as a large and trusted social organization is constantly moving forward in advancing the life of the nation in the fields of religion, education, health, social, economic, community empowerment, and other aspects of life as a form of high service to the Indonesian nation and state.

“Muhammadiyah, according to its personality, is always active in the development of society with the aim of islah and development, i.e. makruf nahi munkar accompanied by good exemplary examples; and is fair and corrective in and out wisely,” Haedar said.

He also invited all parties in the governing body, national political forces, and other strategic institutions to promote the actualization of Pancasila's basic values, constitution, and noble ethics for the uplift of the unity and progress of the Indonesian nation in real life along with the main discipline of its elites.

“Stay away from corruption, abuse of power, and destruction of all aspects of life for the survival of generations of the nation and the existence of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” Haedar said.


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